Most of the media don't care about anything unless the story fits their radical leftist agenda

Most of the media care as much about Tara Reade's credible accusations against Trump as they did about all women whom Bill and Hillary physically and mentally abused.  The media also have never seemed to care about all the young girls whom Jeffrey Epstein abused, or the men who enjoyed hanging around with Epstein.

The Me Too movement was fake. 

Plante's 'Right Squad' Torches Media for Ignoring Tara Reade, Hyping Trump Allegations

The number of supposed news stories that are fake, false, or intentionally misleading the public is massive.  Here is a small sample:

Every day we hear that there have been hundreds of mass shootings in the U.S this year, yet we see the details on only a few.  Why don't we ever see the details of all the mass shootings in Chicago and elsewhere that involve black gang members shooting other blacks?  Why don't we see the names of the victims, the records of the shooters, and the motives?  The answer is, it doesn't fit the agenda.

We see little interest in all the subway and street crimes in New York each day, but when a white Marine hero gets involved to protect people from a mentally ill black career criminal and the criminal dies, the Marine is accused of murder, and there are endless coverage and violent protests.

A Hispanic commits a mass murder in Texas, and he has magically been converted to a white supremacist, and we get huge coverage.

It reminds me of when the media converted the Hispanic shooter George Zimmerman to white in order to gin up racial hate and division.

Now, courtesy of the mainstream media, there is a new phrase to add to our national lexicon: "white Hispanic."

When a black teen, who had robbed a store in Ferguson, Mo, reached for a white cop's gun, the cop defended himself and killed the teen.  Instead of telling the truth, the media and others regurgitated the fake "hands up, don't shoot" narrative to gin up racial hate and violence.  How many cops have been killed and injured because of that false narrative?  Why aren't the people promoting this lie, like Al Sharpton, ever held to account for inciting violence?

Think how the media would have covered a shooting if a white male, with a manifesto, had shot up a Jewish school.  Yet when a gender-confused person, with a manifesto, shot up a Christian school, there has been a great effort to bury the story.  They seem to have no interest in seeing the manifesto.

The media and other Democrats have known for years about how Biden and his family have lined their pockets with money from foreign countries, yet they have little interest in analyzing tax records of all the entities where they funnel the money.

But they had a lot of interest in going after Trump's tax returns, where they essentially found nothing.  They also spread the lie that Trump was a Russian stooge.

Think of how the media, entertainers, and other Democrats would have covered a story if, under Trump's watch, 85,000 kids had been lost, and where so many kids have been used as laborers.  Yet with Biden, there is little interest.

One of the few times they seemed interested in covering the border disaster was when they tried to destroy the lives of border guards with the fake story that they had whipped Haitian migrants.

The media, Dr. Fauci, and teachers' unions sought to destroy Governor DeSantis and others who opened schools by saying they wanted children to die.  Now they are trying to rewrite history by saying that they too always wanted the schools to be open.  Shouldn't the people who kept schools closed and permanently harmed children be held to account?

When Trump and others wanted the Wuhan lab investigated as the source of COVID, the media, Fauci, and others spread the fake story that it was a disproven conspiracy.  Who will be held accountable?

How many people and businesses have been harmed by high inflation and the intentional destruction of industries because of easily manipulated computer models, massively false predictions, and the fake narrative that the science is settled?

It is sad that so much of the purported news is opinion pieces that overwhelmingly lean one way.

A significant majority of Americans don't trust the media because most of the media have essentially become lobbyists for radical leftist policies to remake or destroy America.  They have earned the distrust. 

Photo credit: cloud2013CC BY 2.0 license.

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