Mindless self-righteousness on the left

George Orwell in his great novel called them BELIEVERS.  Bill Buckley called them knee-jerk liberals.  I call them mindless ideologues.  These are people who wear a set of myopic lenses that are so thick that they can't see ten feet in front of themselves.  It's like a kind of self-blinding born out of a fear of thinking.  It reminds me of my mother's favorite platitude: there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Joe Biden is the quintessence of a mindless ideologue.  He believes that if he sticks to the propaganda spiel, which a computer program could have written for him and done a better job of it, the status quo will always remain the same.  What he doesn't realize or refuses to realize is that everything has changed.

Everything in America is now politicized, and everything is now weaponized, and everyone must take sides.  If you don't take sides, you'll be last hired, first fired.  This is justified through the equity ideology.  There once was a time when in-your-face discrimination like this was considered despicable. No longer.

The worst quality mindless ideologues have is their incessant use of progressivist lenses.  The entire universe, the whole world, and all of reality fall into two categories.  If you agree with us, you are good.  If you disagree with us, you are evil.  This allows them to do anything they want to you because they are doing it in the name of righteousness.  It's scary, because anything can be justified through this worldview, and many of the worst chapters in human history have occurred with the most righteous of intentions.

Just switch on MSNBC or CBS News or almost any establishment media outlet, and you will see this dangerous kind of mindless self-righteousness.  It's a groupthink, especially in the media, and no one in the media (or almost no one with a platform) has the guts to challenge it.

But this self-blinding is nothing new.  Oedipus Rex jams golden spikes into his eyes when he finally realizes the horror of what he has blindly done.  Nazism.  Bolshevism.  You get the picture.

We now have our own insane ideological imperatives.  No men.  No women.  Gay "marriage."  Transgenderism.

The hope is things can change, but things never do change, or they change based on permanent power sources (institutions) that have created permanent elites.

As these permanent institutions keep permanent feet of power on your neck, you will be required to change based on their will — not the other way around.

It is not hopeless, though.  Fear of thinking is the greatest cowardice.  Over time, people lose their fear of established power.  Then there is great change.  In the meantime, though, you may have to learn to live as a thought criminal.

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