Media trashes Supreme Court, then conducts poll to show it

For years, the media has spent massive amount of air and print space seeking to destroy the Supreme Court, solely because they don't like judges who believe in the Constitution.

Now they've got a poll that shows their propaganda works. 

The media and other Democrats continually lied that abortion was a Constitutional right, or law, when that is clearly not true. Roe v Wade was an incorrect decision where the Court, and its justices made law instead of interpreting law.
The Constitution says that legislative bodies make laws, not judges. 
The current judges did their job and correctly sent the abortion decision back to Congress and state legislatures. Many times, in the last 50 years,  the Democrats had complete control of Congress and the White House so why didn't they pass a national abortion law? My guess is they didn't have the votes to pass it. 
It is pathetic that the media calls legislative bills that limit abortions to six, 12, or 15 weeks, abortion "bans" to intentionally mislead the public. Most of the world has limits of 12-15 weeks, which are popular.
Then they call Democrats' bills for unlimited abortions and denying healthcare to newborns born in a botched abortion, which are very unpopular, "reproductive choices" to mislead the public. 
The media is also spending a lot of time trashing Justice Clarence Thomas to intentionally mislead the public. They claim to care about every person of color but they willingly trash any black who dares have independent thoughts. Not once has he had a decision relating to his friend who happens to be a Republican billionaire, which is what they are obsessing over. I have never seen the media question when Obama, Clinton, or Biden got free vacations at mansions because they don't really care. 
It is amazing how much the media, which pretends that it cares about the truth, spreads lies to destroy people and institutions. 
Lying to destroy the Court is no different than lying for years that President Trump colluded with Russia to get elected president, a lie intended to destroy him and his agenda no matter how beneficial it was to everyone, including the poor and minorities. Trump brought America low inflation and low energy prices, along with energy independence.
Look at how their lies about COVID caused so much damage to children and caused so much depression. 
And look at how willing the media is to hide the truth from the public when the media wants to interfere in elections and infect America with leftist policies which will cause societal and economic collapse. 
They repeat the lie that the science is "settled" to destroy energy companies when all previous dire predictions are false. 
They have known how corrupt the Clintons and Bidens have been for years but don't care. 
They know how many women the Clintons physically and mentally abused and don't care. 
They have seen recently how corrupt the Justice Department and FBI are, yet most remain silent. 
Basically, all most of the media cares about is forcing radical leftist policies on the public, no matter how damaging the policies are, no matter how much they have to lie, and no matter who they have to destroy. 
Democrats are the party of personal destruction. 
Maybe the media should highlight the polls that show that the public does not trust them. They are pure propagandists and have earned this mistrust. 
Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License
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