Making QAnon scary again

Globalists are reviving the QAnon bogeyman for the 2024 election, ignoring its interment after 2020.  It was mothballed after successfully lulling Trump-supporters into complacency.

The outlines of a sophisticated psy-op campaign are coming into focus.  At the 2023 Frontiers Forum in Switzerland, Israeli historian, World Economic Forum contributor, and professional worrywart Dr. Yuval Harari warned that A.I.-generated cults will commandeer public discourse: 

The ... QAnon Cult has formed around anonymous online texts, known as Q drops.  Followers of this cult, which are millions now in US and the rest of the world collected, revered and interpreted these Q drops as some kind of new scriptures as a sacred text. ... [P]revious Q drops were composed by human beings and bots only helped to disseminate these texts online.  But, in future, we might see the first cults and religions in history whose revered texts were written by a non-human intelligence.  And of course, religions throughout history claimed that their holy books were written by a non-human intelligence.  This was never true before; this could become true very, very quickly.  With far-reaching consequences. ... What we are potentially talking about is nothing less than the end of human history.  Now not the end of history, just the end of the human dominated part of what we call history.

"Millions"?  Where?  Was this a warning or a signal that the media zone will be flooded with misinformation?

Harari is described as the High Priest of George Soros's Open Society.  His leading promoter is Bill Gates — Mr. Vaccine, WHO benefactor, insect food advocate, and principal Global Savior (from pandemics, overpopulation, garden-variety scourges, general ignorance, and climate change: "he has focused on what must be done in order to stop the planet's slide to certain environmental disaster").  When not eulogizing Bono, Gates luxuriates in Harari's fatuous obsessing:

2016  How did humans get smart?

2017  What if people run out of things to do?

2018  A guide to worrying in the 21st century

2020  Why do we believe lies?

RASHIDA JONES: In the current state of affairs in this country, it's hard to know who is intentionally telling a lie or spreading a fiction or not.

BILL GATES: Yes.  If you don't believe that the deaths are taking place, so you think that wearing a mask is a political statement.  Mask compliance is lower because of some of these misunderstandings and lies.

Harari's Frontiers Forum lecture illustrates how hysterical (in both senses of the term) his rhetoric is.  His bad fiction places A.I. equivalent with WMDs and Mutually Assured Destruction — too absurd for even Hollywood.  Considering his sponsors, Harari's fantasies demand scrutiny:

[O]ver the past decade social media has become a battleground, a battlefield for controlling human attention. ... [W]ithin a few years, AI could eat the whole of human culture, everything was produced for thousands and thousands of years, to eat all of it, digest it. ... [Y]ou don't really need to implant chips in people's brains in order to control them or to manipulate them.  For thousands of years prophets and poets and politicians have used language and storytelling in order to manipulate and to control people and to reshape society.  Now AI is likely to be able to do it.  And once it can do that, it doesn't need to send killer robots to shoot us.  It can get humans to pull the trigger if it really needs to. ...

If we are not careful a curtain of illusions could descend over the whole of humankind and we will never be able to tear that curtain away or even realize that it is there.  Because we'll think this is reality. ... If this sounds far-fetched, just look at social media over the last few years.  Social media has given us a small taste of things to come in social media primitive AI tools. ... Millions of people have confused these Illusions for the reality. ... American citizens can no longer agree who won the last elections or whether climate change is real or whether vaccines prevent illnesses or not. ...

Since 1945 we knew that nuclear technology could destroy, physically destroy, human civilization. ... We now have to grapple with a new Weapon of Mass Destruction that can annihilate our mental and social world.  And one big difference between nukes and AI: nukes cannot produce more powerful nukes.  AI can produce more powerful AI, so we need to act quickly before AI gets out of our own control. ... If we don't slow down the AI arms race we will not have time to even understand what is happening, let alone to regulate effectively this incredibly powerful technology. ...

Unregulated AI deployment is what will cause democracies to lose to dictatorships because if we unleash chaos, authoritarian regimes could more easily contain this chaos than could open societies. ... If we wait for the chaos it will be too late to regulate it in a democratic way. ... We don't know much about this alien intelligence except that it could destroy our civilization so we should put a halt to the irresponsible deployment of this alien intelligence into our societies and regulate AI before it regulates us.

Harari is no outlier.  Google "QAnon" to perceive how frequently the term appears as 2024 looms, blurring reality and illusion.  Gates's associate Jones: "It's hard to know who is intentionally telling a lie or spreading a fiction or not" — which is the plan.  Harari fuses the QAnon and A.I. bogeymen into a Frankenstein monster.  Watch his entire presentation and observe the audience swooning over this paranoid mouse.

Facebook banned QAnon: "Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy against militarized social movements and violence-inducing conspiracy networks, such as QAnon."  QAnon was "militarized" and "violence-inducing"?  Is this not a projection of Antifa and BLM?  QAnon's function was to anesthetize conservatives.

Elon Musk removed QAnon sanctions from Twitter, triggering the Usual Suspects:

QAnon is a decentralized, far-right political movement rooted in a baseless conspiracy theory that the world is controlled by a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles known as the 'Deep State,' which can only be stopped by former President Trump, and that these individuals will be brought to justice during a violent day of reckoning known as 'the Storm.'

Google "BLM protests mostly peaceful" to gauge the magnitude of flatulent gaslighting the swamp emits by ignoring the wholesale deaths, riots, looting, arson, vandalism, and arrests of 2020.  As fewer believe the lies, gaslighting increases.  Those railing against conspiracy theories for decades warn that everything is now an A.I.-generated conspiracy.  Confusion is the globalists' remaining gambit.  Harari's calls to regulate A.I. contribute to gutting the First Amendment.

A quadrennial pattern emerges:

2008: Financial meltdown, TARP.  Trillions perpetually injected.

2016: Crickets.  Trump can't win. 

2020: Global pandemic, lockdowns, rioting, wholesale voting fraud. 

2024: Insurrectionists at the gates.  Conspiracies are real, believe nothing.  A.I. will destroy civilization and must be regulated.

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