Los Angeles area cop families file a very strong wrongful death suit against George Gascon in the deaths of two officers

Is there a ray of hope for Los Angeles County?

Up until now, Soros-backed district attorney George Gascon, has unleashed criminals onto the county without consequences. There are zero consequences for Gascon, for sure, nor are there any for his elite sponsors, and certainly none for the bad guys. Only the little guys -- civilian and police -- pay for this clown's lawless, leftist agenda as criminals are set free to continue their crime sprees.

But now we see a lawsuit, from the family of a slain El Monte police officer who had been killed by a habitual dirtbag who belonged behind bars and wasn't put there, and it looks strong enough to win:

According to Law.com (subscription, but first article free):

Taylor & Ring sued the County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and other defendants on May 3 in California Superior Court for Los Angeles County. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of Sasha Santana, Jayde Santana and other plaintiffs over the death of their family member Joseph Santana, who was fatally shot while working as a police officer. According to the complaint, Santana’s shooter had a previous gun possession felony. The suit pursues claims that defendant Gascon failed to follow a state law regarding repercussions for gun possession felonies, which would have placed Santana’s shooter in prison and prevented Santana’s death. Counsel have not yet appeared for the defendants. The case is 23STCV09936, Santana v. County of Los Angeles.

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BearingArms has more here.

Officer Joseph Santana, along with El Monte police Cpl. Michael Paredes (whose family filed a separate suit), were shot and killed in the line of duty by a gang member after being called to investigate a stabbing at a fleabag motel. El Monte is a suburb in the industrial area of Los Angeles County. The gang member, Justin Flores, had one felony after another, including burglary and drug possession, making him subject to California's 1994 three-strikes law. That's a mandatory law put into place by voters to keep habitual criminals off the streets, which permits no prosecutorial discretion. The gang member's possession of a gun as a felon was sufficiently serious to qualify for the third strike in an earlier crime spree, but Gascon intervened to let the dirtbag off the hook, meaning, Flores had his gun and he used it on the officers to kill them.

Also named in the lawsuit was the County probation department, which was also mandated by law to be meeting with this guy, who didn't show up to his appointments. After missing two of them, they had a legal mandate, according to the written suit available on Law.com, to bust and jail the violator. Instead, they did nothing, leaving Flores free to roam the streets and stab and shoot and kill people, which he did.

How, exactly would a jury be able to say 'no;' to a lawsuit like that? Gascon has been operating with impunity all these years, but this lawsuit points to a strong dereliction of duty in violation of established law. What a jury will decide is anyone's guess, but if I were on the jury, it wouldn't be a long trial. This case looks pretty cut and dried and a settlement is very likely.

That won't matter to Gascon who doesn't care if taxpayers are left on the hook for his malfeasance, but the suit also names Gascon personally for the unlawful dereliction of duty. Perhaps that will get his attention.

It's about time the little guys in this Soros-induced legal fiasco struck back.

Image: Screen shot from KTLA 5 video, via YouTube

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