Liz Cheney booed by grads who turned their chairs backwards at Colorado college commencement

Once again, Liz Cheney is finding herself unpopular.

This time, the Bronx-style cheer happened in Colorado, at a college commencement, once again, among the wokesters of the left.

According to the Daily Mail:

Graduates booed and turned their chairs away from former U.S Rep. Liz Cheney as she delivered the commencement address at Colorado College on Sunday. 

Cheney repeated her fierce criticisms of former President Trump but steered clear of talking about his 2024 reelection campaign or her own political future.

The Wyoming Republican blasted her House Republican colleagues for not doing enough to combat Trump's lies that the 2020 election was stolen.

Cheney implored the new college graduates to not compromise when it comes to the truth and blasted one of the election-denying attorneys who worked for Trump after the election for allegedly telling a gathering of Republicans that 'it is crucially important to make sure that college students don't vote.'

While many students and parents in the audience applauded throughout Cheney's remarks, some opposing the choice of Cheney as speaker booed and turned their chairs away from the stage when she spoke. 

Wow.  This isn't the first time the left has let her have it.  I wrote about a scoring from the left that she got on Twitter regarding her remarks claiming that any presidential candidate who would consider pardoning any January 6 protestors was unfit to be president, in this piece here.

Now they're calling her out again.

One graduate's message to Cheney was splashed on her cap. It read: 'Why listen to a racist, imperialist, transphobic, war monger?? Your hate is loud.'

It's leftists expressing themselves the best way they know how.

What's vivid here is that it is the left who keeps surprising Cheney.

After all, didn't she expect applause from them, turning on her own Republican Party?

Her Colorado commencement seemed tailor-made for this aim, as if to say: Why those bad, lying Republicans, trying to force poor noble Liz to lie along with them, right?

You'd think remarks like that would be a crowd-pleaser among the wokesters of Colorado academia, but it didn't work out the way she thought.

Instead of cheering, they booed. 

They know she despises them just as much as the Republicans know she despises them, which knocks two legs out from her stool. 

Now she gets booed from all directions.  When you despise all sides and turn your back on your own, don't expect to win leftist hearts and minds.  Everyone can see that Liz's only cause is Liz.  That's why what happens happens.

Image: Screen shot from KOAA 5 video via YouTube.

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