Less than a week before 5/11 migrant rush, everything is going swimmingly

Six days from now, Joe Biden will drop Title 42 pandemic restrictions on illegal border crossings, and migrants know it. They are massing in record numbers -- as many as a million at last count -- on Mexico's northern border awaiting Biden's May 11 starting gun into the states.

Administration officials say all's well and they're ready. The Biden administration itself announced a plan they're sure will keep migrants from rushing the border at least yet allow them to be let into the states anyway.

But facts on the ground tells us they're in for a surprise.

Here are some news items, starting with this "dire warning" from Fox News:

Chicago reporter issued a stark warning on public safety after employees working at a luxury hotel housing migrants barred him from entering during a heated exchange caught on camera. 

William Kelly spoke with workers at the Inn of Chicago, requesting additional information about the status of the hotel, but the employees quickly told him it was closed and he was not welcome because he wasn't a "resident" at the hotel. 

Kelly recounted the "hostile" exchange with the individuals on "Fox & Friends First" and his broader concerns surrounding how using the hotel as a migrant facility could impact the Windy City's already-rampant crime. 

"It is very disturbing," Kelly told co-host Ashley Strohmier Friday. "This is right off of Michigan Avenue. We already have the retailers fleeing due to violent crime. Tourists obviously have flatlined in the city of Chicago. Hotels are struggling, and this luxury hotel is apparently being used to house migrants.

Things aren't any better on the Mexican side. The Biden administration doesn't have Mexico onboard to help cooperate with the surge as it has claimed.

According to USAToday:

WASHINGTON — The U.S. does not expect Mexico to match the troops its sending to the border in anticipation of an emergency immigration restriction, known as Title 42, lifting next week.


Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced it would deploy 1,500 active-duty troops to the southwest border to help deal with an expected surge in migrants seeking to enter the United States.

So much for getting Mexico's cooperation in this migrant surge. And it's not just Mexico that isn't cooperating. Colombia, a longtime U.S. ally which has now elected a leftist president isn't cooperating, either.

According to Reuters:

BOGOTA, May 4 (Reuters) - Colombia's migration agency has temporarily suspended a program to return Colombian nationals found by immigration officers at the U.S. border with Mexico, it said on Thursday, citing cruel and degrading treatment and last-minute flight cancellations.

The number of Colombians trying to migrate north to the U.S. has soared in recent years, with more than 125,000 apprehended at the United States' southern border in 2022, according U.S Customs and Borders Protection (CBP), up from around 6,200 in 2021.

Colombia expected to receive some 1,200 migrants in flights programmed to arrive from the U.S. during the first week of May, the migration agency said in a statement. The pilot plan called "mom returns" looked to send mostly women, children and adolescents back to Colombia.

The plan saw expulsion flights to Colombia rise to around 20 per month according to Colombian authorities, following a push by U.S immigration officials to ramp up expulsions of migrants from the southern border before COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Note that detail on the deportations: 20 migrants. Joe can't even expel 20 migrants and gets a mop in the face to boot about 'mistreatment' of the lawbreakers.

Even the Democrats, the presumed beneficiaries of the migrant surge, are concerned, at least the ones who have to face voters in the near term, according to NBC News:

WASHINGTON — The latest criticism against the Biden administration’s policies at the southern border isn’t coming from a conservative — it’s being levied by progressive Rep. Ruben Gallego.

The Arizona Democrat argues that border communities in his state “are simply unequipped to handle the surge of migrants” when Covid restrictions on immigration, known as "Title 42," expire on May 11.

They're angry in the suburbs, too, such as in Avondale, Illinois, which is part of the Chicago metropolitan area, according to this report from CBS Chicago:

On Tuesday, when parents picked up their children who attend after-school programs at Brands Park, they learned about this sudden change [with a plan to take over the park to house migrants]. Many in the neighborhood were stunned and questions remain, which adds to the frustration.

"I think it's again, it's the initial shock and the lack of communication, and not knowing what the plan is moving forward," said parent Courtney Torchia, who added she's been on edge since Tuesday.

That's when the single mom from Avondale learned that Brands Park was being shut down and the after-school program her two boys attend will be abruptly relocated.

Even worse, parents were told the summer programs they and other families rely heavily on have been canceled.

And the explosive situations can be found all over. Here's what's going on at the San Diego Tijuana border, according to Fox5:

SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it has run out of room to process and house migrants who continue to arrive by the hundreds on a daily basis along the San Diego-Tijuana border.

According to CBP, all of its facilities in the San Diego Sector are at capacity, including a tent center that was set up three months ago near the border in Otay Mesa.

This is forcing migrants to spend days at a time waiting for agents to pick them up.


The asylum seekers are having to rely on small fires to keep warm and on Border Patrol agents to deliver water and snacks, something good Samaritans are also doing.

Off camera, a Border Patrol supervisor said their intent is not to keep the migrants out in the elements, “it’s just they don’t have room.”

They want in and they want in now which sounds like good conditions for a riot.

Washington, D.C., too, says it's full-up with migrants obtaining "free" taxpayer-funded housing, too, according to DCist:

D.C. officials say hotels meant to provide migrant families who have been bused to the region with temporary housing have been filled to capacity.

According to a Department of Human Services statement, the Office of Migrant Services stopped taking in new arrivals last week with about 1,249 people from 370 families spread across three D.C. hotels.

“New intakes are temporarily paused at this time while we continue our work helping families identify pathways for long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency based on their needs, both inside and outside the region,” said the spokesperson in a statement.

In El Paso, they're already filling the streets in another pre-riot condition.

According to the El Paso Times:

The sidewalks outside Sacred Heart Church were overflowing with hundreds of migrants wrapped around the blocks circling the Downtown church.

The migrants, which number well over 600, created makeshift tents with blankets to block the sun during the day and provide some warmth during cold nights where temperatures dipped into the mid-60s. Others were forced to spend the nights sleeping without blankets, sleeping bags, jackets or shoes.

"It has been difficult," Jesus Betancourt, who traveled to the U.S. from Venezuela with his wife, his 11-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter, said Wednesday. "The journey was very difficult. We have been here (El Paso) for two days. We are just hoping to be able to go farther, so I can find a job. We have been sleeping on the floor in the cold and we are hungry.

How'd they get in? Perhaps through the sewers, which earlier news stories reported migrants were utilizing to cross into the states from Mexico.

And after all the hoopla about Joe Biden offering new "legal" pathways to migration to prevent illegal border crossings, the migrants are still crossing illegally into the states as if nothing had ever changed, becaused it hasn't. Catch and release is alive and well:

According to NewsNation:

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (NewsNation) — With Title 42 set to expire next week, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is already starting to release a majority of detainees at the border because they will no longer be able to immediately expel migrants after the pandemic-era policy ends.

Migrant encounter numbers are now hovering around the levels seen during the Del Rio migrant crisis in September of 2021, when 16,000 migrants mostly from Haiti camped out awaiting asylum beneath the international bridge, sources confirmed to NewsNation.

Currently, there are 19,066 migrants in U.S. Customs and Border Patrol custody and nearly 9,000 of those encounters were in one day. The normal number for holdings is around 10,000. CBP sources said they consider 15,000 busy and 22,000 is “unbelievable” — which is where numbers were yesterday.

Which sounds like a disaster all over, a pan-country disaster with massive international implications. Joe Biden did that and expects it all to go swimmingly. With stories like these happening all over the country and Title 42 not even dropped yet, don't bet on it.

Image: Screen shot from NBC News video, via YouTube


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