John Bolton the war hawk braggart ridicules President Trump for his America First foreign policy

There are few things more bothersome than listening to an embedded swamp creature castigate a president whose America first agenda brought an impressive amount of political stability to the global community. Remember when Bolton bragged about his role in far-off coups d’état?

Yesterday, Newsmax reported that former national security advisor John Bolton came after President Trump, and per Bolton:

I think the overall judgment you have to make is that fundamentally, Trump didn’t understand international relations, didn’t understand America’s place in the world, didn’t understand how to protect our interests[.]

We were fortunate we didn’t have a really dramatic international crisis during his tenure.

First of all, there were countless “really dramatic international” events that could have (and likely would have) escalated, were it not for the leadership of President Trump: reports that Assad used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians… nuclear threats from North Korea… Iran’s downing of a U.S. drone and the real “red line” with Soleimani… and that’s just to name a few.

Trump secured the Abraham peace accords, treaties that everyone said wouldn’t or couldn’t happen.

Trump moved the American embassy to Jerusalem; everyone said that would be dangerous, but Trump presciently knew it wasn’t.

Trump pulled out of the worthless Paris Climate accord, a massive transfer of wealth from the American middle class to foreign interests (China and India weren’t required to make any changes).

Trump pulled out of the disastrous and dangerous Iran “peace deal”, one in which Iran used the American taxpayer money to spread terrorism around the world and pledge “death to Israel”.

Trump drilled in America, which pressured countries like Russia to keep global oil prices low — it sure helped the poor and middle class with low inflation, that “magic wand” Obama couldn’t seem to find to fix the economy.

Trump put sanctions on Russian pipelines, ones which Biden has since removed. 

Russia attacked Ukraine during the Obama and Biden years; strangely though, not during Trump’s tenure. (Somehow, Bolton doesn’t care.)

Trump — not Obama, Biden, Clinton, or Bush — got NATO to increase their spending on defense, which in turn removed the burden from hardworking Americans.

Trump put sanctions on China; we were told it would harm Americans with higher prices, but it didn’t.

It appears that Bolton is very confused as to who actually doesn’t understand foreign relations; he prefers swamp creatures who fail to achieve real results.

The world was relatively peaceful during Trump’s four years, but somehow, Trump is the guy who didn’t understand foreign relations.

Bolton is like most of the media and other Democrats. Results don’t matter. Biden, Kerry, Sullivan, Blinken don’t achieve anything… other than making China, Russia, and Iran (and themselves) more wealthy, and more powerful.

“We were fortunate we didn’t have a really dramatic international crisis during his tenure.”
Maybe the reason Bolton thinks we didn’t have a major foreign crisis was because Trump knew what he was doing. What a concept!

Image: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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