It depends what the definition of 'secure' is

According to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the border is secure.  It was, it is, and it will always be.  Unfortunately, reality is getting in the way.  Let's check this out:

Border Patrol agents arrested an Afghan national on the FBI's terror watchlist after he crossed into the U.S. illegally Wednesday in California, multiple sources at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told Fox News.

The Afghan national crossed the border with a group of migrants near Otay Mesa, California, the sources said. Border Patrol agents took the migrants to a processing station, where a fingerprint scan determined the Afghan was a match on the Terrorist Screening Database. The FBI was then notified, confirmed the results, and began an investigation.

The arrested subject crossed the border a day prior to the end of Title 42 -- a COVID-19 emergency policy that allowed border agents to turn away migrants. Thousands of migrants have flooded to the border since the policy expired.

Good work in stopping this one.  However, am I the only person who suspects that others got away?  Is it unreasonable to think that?

Here is the problem.  Open borders are exactly that.  Yes, most of these people crossing the border are just men and women and children looking for a better life.  It takes just a few to come in and do some real harm in an open and free country like ours.  Do you remember 9/11?  How many men did it take to pull that off?  A dozen?  Do you think we've had more than a dozen released by Border Patrol?  How about drugs?

Biden has failed big time and opened the country to bad people.  And the worst part is that we probably don't know where they are.  Even worse than that is that the president doesn't do questions.

It's more than impeachable.  It's a dereliction of duty.  I guess that's impeachable, too.

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