Israel's government too tame for comfort

“To speak of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the ‘three Abrahamic faiths,’ the ‘three religions of the Book,’ or the three monotheisms, obscures rather than illuminates. These familiar tropes ought to be retired.” — George P. Weigel

The above quote is featured prominently within my esteemed colleague’s work “Islam & Blood”, which is the most geo-politically, theologically, and culturally sound policy paper to address the cauldron of the Middle East, most profoundly in relation to America’s and Israel’s common enemy, radical Islam. If one domino falls, the other will likely follow. Invariably, they serve as the twin linchpins and pillars of Western Civilizations, the underpinnings of Judeo-Christian principles and mores.

Earlier this month, I penned an analytical assessment on the latest all-out jihadi assault upon sovereign Israeli territory, and speculated the situation may be akin to the foxes guarding the henhouse. In that context:

…two ‘principles’ remain: placating Israel’s U.S. masters (as well as other foreign actors), and coddling the…minority (mostly) sympathetic to Islamic jihadis.

Lo and behold, the two aforementioned truths have once again materialized: the first, within Jerusalem’s power centers, and the second concerning Iran.

While the likes of “de-escalation”, “proportionality”, “quiet will be met with quiet”, and every other insane, inane, defeatist “strategies” that are bandied about within Israel’s top-tier, naturally and reflexively, Islamist barbarians ramp up the violence. Akin to circling sharks, they smell weakness and the scent of blood.

First, Tel Aviv, then onto Jerusalem. Yes, the proverbial finger to Jerusalem is waved in the air as an obscene salute! Could it get any more humiliating?!

Meanwhile, separate from the jihadi aggression, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s so-called rightward Likud was forced to recognize another reality check: the rest of the coalition’s political calculus! 

Inexorably, the Likud’s lack of a severe smackdown to the 100+ rockets enraged those who truly represent the nationalist public, religious and secular (of which this writer is immeasurably aligned); yes, having handed them their electoral victory, no less.

As such, in no uncertain terms, Netanyahu was warned

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, the leader of the far-right Otzma Yehudit party, vows his party will not vote in Knesset with the government until Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adopts more right-wing policies, and challenges him to fire him.

The ever-savvy PM internalized that he would no longer be able to sit astride the helm if he continued to diminish the jihadi threat, and ignore the wishes of the nationalist parties who elected him.

Now, along the Iranian trajectory: mullahs are often the “terrorist masterminds” who operate through proxy — a 2018 U.S. congressional hearing examined “state sponsors of terrorism” and included information on the notorious Mullah Mansoor. In that context and per the inestimable geo-strategist Caroline Glick (written just two weeks ago):

It is considered impolite to discuss the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza these days.

But from time to time, it’s imperative to bring up the 2005 operation. It stands as a glaring lesson that we ignore at our peril.

For all the misery that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah terror forces in Gaza rain down on Israel…the fact is that Gaza is a sideshow.

Glick notes that it is Iran that is the “real engine” for Islamist “military expansion and power and it is Iran that is “the reason that Islamic Jihad is running its third campaign against Israel” in less than two years. She aptly writes:

Although Palestinian Arab terrorists in Gaza and Palestinian Arab terrorists in Judea and Samaria are equally committed to murdering Jews, only the ones in Gaza have missiles, rockets and mortars to shoot off at will at Israeli civilians.

On and on Israel’s top-shelf political leaders (and military counterparts) display their failures — all from an inexplicable level of cognitive dissonance. No, the above is not rocket science! 

As per the fainthearted regime’s constant pledges regarding Iran: well, it is more akin to the lyrics of “promises, promises” that yes, they will stop the genocidal mullahs from becoming a nuclear-weapons state! Of course though, over years and years, Israel’s brass has yet to cease the centrifuges from nearing weapons-grade material.

Despite all of the above very harsh criticism — borne out of mandatory due diligence, requisite disinfectant, and absolute truth-telling — it must be noted: all lovers of Zion, as well as people of goodwill, have a duty to give many thanks to the real heroes who continue to sound the alarm of the barbarians at Israel’s gates.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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