Howard University hands Biden an honorary degree for his 'analytical intellect'

What's a doctoral degree from Howard University worth?

Well, Joe Biden got one, honorary at least...based on his "sound analytical intellect" and "illustrious reputation."

According to Fox News:

President Joe Biden was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Howard University on Saturday for his "analytical intellect" and "popularity on both sides" — claims mocked by conservatives on Twitter and contradicted by recent polls.

Dr. Wayne Frederick, the president of Howard University, introduced Biden with high praise at the school's 155th commencement on Saturday.

"Admired for your sound analytical intellect and open embrace for all, your popularity on both sides of the aisle of the United States led to your illustrious reputation and outstanding service of 36 years as a Democratic senator from Delaware beginning at a tender age of 29," Frederick said of Biden.

This kind of raises questions as to whether a degree from that school is worth anything at all.  Biden can't recall what day of the week it is, let alone analytically analyze anything more critical than lining his family's pockets.  He cannot speak in public without a teleprompter and at times reads even the cues on it.  He dodges the press.  He campaigned from his basement — to keep any unscripted moment out of the public eye.  He wanders off and gets lost at the buffet table.  Our enemies smile and make the most of it. 

If this is what passes for "analytical intellect" at Howard, it would be interesting to find out what they consider "stupid."

Kamala Harris, after all, got a real degree from this place — in economics, of all things, as well as political science.  She later flunked her bar exam.

The school has a reputation as a top-flight historically black college, but with guys like Biden getting degrees for their intellect, it's a matter of how much they honor real intellect at the school.  If I were a Howard University doctoral candidate in a non-gut major, and I heard they were handing out an honorary degree to an old white clown who can't even remember the name of his black defense secretary, I'd be pretty insulted to be lumped in with him. 

The decision to award Biden an honorary degree while praising his intellect puts us well into emperor's new clothes territory.

It might just explain why black voters are moving in large numbers to Republicans and the Democrat party has never been more unpopular.

Image: Screen shot from LiveNOW video via YouTube.

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