How to save America from itself

Needed now: a value-based Judeo-Christian Alliance to save America from itself - and thereby save the free world.

In preparation for a strategic research report, and while pondering how a once mighty America has fallen into an abyss of radical Marxism and progressive paganism the last 2 years, the following stations on the route to an American economic, strategic, and moral decline came to mind.  

  • Sacrificing American energy independence and the destruction of the US dollar on the altar of massively inflated and grandiose projects based on the false promise of a green new world order that will become an environmental and economic disaster.
  • A nation built on "We, the people" is becoming an authoritarian regime of "We, the subjects."
  • A mighty nation that once led the free world through a policy of peace through strength and a prosperous example of positive values has wilted into diplomatic weakness, confusion and failure that has emboldened anti-democratic regimes to coalesce and increasingly dominate the global political, strategic and economic landscape.

Only a renewed allegiance by those who value the three F's -- Faith, Family and Flag (patriotism) -- and an applied and coordinated campaign can avert the terrible fate of a falling and failing America.

Whatever is perceived to be progressive is regressive.

Whatever is perceived to be woke is weak, and often evil.

Traditional values always bring personal and collective development, prosperity, peace and security, to individuals, communities and society.

These values must be re-established and reinforced in America for the good of America and the free world.

Only a Judeo-Christian alliance can save America from itself, and that will enable us to save the world.

It takes a network of good to defeat a network of evil.

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Graphic credit: Pixabay license

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