How long before the Allen, Texas, mall shooting is memory-holed?

Yesterday, something terrible happened in Allen, Texas: An evil man murdered eight people, and injured several others, at an outlet mall. However, based on the currently available facts, this shooting will soon be memory-holed because it does not fit the left’s preferred narrative.

The core facts are simple and tragic: A man dressed in tactical gear opened fire at the Allen Premium Outlet Mall, killing eight and wounding seven, before being killed by a police officer who, fortunately, was on the scene because he’d been called there for something unrelated to the shooting. Whether the shooting becomes fodder for endless demands for the government to use police power to disarm Americans depends very much on the more specific details.

If the shooter was white, we’ll hear about it. If the shooter was a white nationalist, we’ll hear about it even more. And if the shooter was a white nationalist who targeted non-whites, expect the FBI at the doorstep of every conservative in America. However, if the facts don’t match those metrics—if the shooter was non-white or a member of the LGBTQ+++ cohort—expect the entire event to vanish quickly from the media’s consciousness.

Image: Close-up of the shooter’s tattoo. Twitter screen grab.

So far—and I’m writing this at 11 a.m. Eastern Time on a Sunday—the facts refuse to align with the media’s preferred narrative. Instead, it’s looking as if the shooter was Hispanic and, given the tattoo on his hand, possibly an MS-13 gang member.

This opens the possibility that the shooting was a gang hit or initiation.

Additional reports indicate that the shooter may have been mentally-ill because he had “unusual behavior” and lived at home with his family (which required a translator to communicate with law enforcement).

The mall at which the shooting occurred is a “Gun Free Zone”:

These zones, of course, are never truly gun free, unless they have a complicated security system checking every arriving person for guns. What they are is “we ask that you voluntarily make yourself helpless” zones.

The only reason the killer didn’t have an even greater body count was that there was a good guy with a gun present; that is, a police officer was on site:

A hero cop who took down the Texas mall shooter made a frantic call for backup just moments before he shot dead the AR-15-armed gunman who killed eight people.

Children were among those killed during the bloodbath outside H&M in Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas at 3.36pm on Saturday.

The shooter, in his 30s, was killed by an unnamed cop - who was on the scene for an unrelated call but rushed over when he heard the gunshots outside the H&M.

New audio footage now reveals how the officer made a frantic phone call begging for his colleagues to join him on the scene, radioing: 'I need everybody I got.'

He bravely ran towards the active shooter - who was armed with 60 rounds and had shot over a dozen people by this point - and killed him.

Around two minutes after first calling for backup, the cop said: 'I got him down.'  Minutes later, another voice is heard on the radio saying: 'We got victims. I need an ambulance.'

Again, the above is preliminary information. I am merely suggesting that, if this information proves to be true, this shooting will not be the subject of a media brute force attack because the shooter fails to match the necessary narrative. If it later turns out that the shooter was here illegally or was LGBTQ+, expect the stories to vanish overnight.

It’s also a problem for the media that this happened in a putative “gun-free zone,” and ended quickly only because there was a good guy with a gun on the scene.

But of course, the real problems are that evil exists and that people are prevented from defending themselves. Additionally, depending on whether the shooter was mentally ill or an MS-13 gang member, we continue to fail to address rising (usually drug-related) mental illness in America, and we have an immigration system that incentivizes violent people to enter America illegally.

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