How do we know for sure that the Bidens are sinister?

Everyone paying attention knows by now that Hunter Biden fathered a child with a woman whom he met in D.C. and had a month-long affair.

Hunter is a known pervert, according to the information and photographs on his laptop.  The man is pond scum, an addict, a pedophile (some of the young girls he filmed himself with were clearly underage), and a foreign agent.

He had an affair with his brother's widow, then, next, with the then-D.C. stripper with whom he fathered the child in question, Navy, now four years old.  Hunter has never laid eyes on the girl.  He tried to deny she was his, but a DNA test proved that he is indeed the girl's father.  He and his despicable parents refuse to acknowledge her existence.  They deny her as their grandchild!

Who does this?  What kind of people do this?  Grandchildren are one of life's greatest blessings, whether they are expected or not, born into a marriage or not.

Evil people — that's the kind of people who do this.  The Bidens are well and truly immoral, malevolent people.  To deny Hunter's daughter a legitimate place in their family proves the corrosiveness of their character.  These are poisonous people who are at this moment in time intent upon taking America down.  They are not only incompetent, but determined to advance their plan to "transform" America as founded.  The destruction of the nuclear family is their primary goal.  This was Obama's agenda, and it has been highly successful.  It is apparently now acceptable to officially deny one's own unwanted grandchild.

The Bidens are a thoroughly corrupt family.  Joe Biden has used his position in the House and in the Senate and as vice president only to enrich himself.  Along with his perverted son Hunter and craven wife Jill, he has amassed millions of dollars of ill gotten wealth and is now beholden to his benefactors, China and Ukraine.  The current president of the U.S. is an asset of China and pal of Ukraine's most corrupt oligarchs.  For decades, he has sold out America for personal financial gain.

Is it any surprise that he and Jill would pretend that their actual granddaughter does not exist?  No.  Not a joke!  They are contemptible.  The members of this administration do not care one whit about the American people, any of them.  They care only about the operators who enrich them: China, the oligarchs of Ukraine, the lobbyists of our own arms manufacturers who need war to survive.  So WWIII is on for the long haul.  Where will it lead?  Perhaps to nuclear war, thanks to Biden's dangerous incompetency.  The war in Ukraine would never have begun under Trump, and everyone knows this.  Biden's war is part and parcel of the insidious global reset. 

The Bidens' public rejection of their own granddaughter is revelatory; it tells us all who they are.

How can people so utterly without decency lead our nation?  They cannot.

We are currently being led by people out of a Maoist nightmare, one of the most genocidal tyrannies in history, which continues under Xi.  They intend to take us all to some version of hell, a world with none of the freedoms we have long taken for granted thanks to our Constitution.

The Nazis killed many of their own who resisted their virulent, toxic mindset; any sense of decency was lost upon them.  It is lost, too, on the Biden administration and its clientage.  They are all guilty not just of treason, but of grandparent depravity.  These are soulless people, and they are a grave danger to us all.

Image: Edited screen shot from camera photo aimed at television broadcast

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