Hit the road, AMLO, and don't you come back no more

President Andrés López-Obrador of Mexico has finally met someone he can't fool anymore.  For the last several years, the man nicknamed AMLO has pretended to be the leader of the Third World, the representative of everyone with a grievance, and the one who makes things happen.  (A lot of Mexicans would say he is making things a lot worse, but that's for another post.)

A few months ago, President López-Obrador stepped in it big time.  He got involved in Peru's politics, a sin by Mexican standards.  After all, hasn't Mexico always preached the idea that your business is your business?  Non-intervention has been the "mantra" of Mexican presidents until "El Presidente del Mundo" decided that he couldn't resist sticking in his nose.

So Peru has had it with Sr. AMLO.  This is the story:

The Foreign Relations Commission of the Peruvian Congress approved on Monday the motion declaring Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador 'persona non grata.'

"With 11 votes in favor, the Foreign Relations Commission approved the motion that rejects the statements of the president of Mexico, Andres López Obrador, and declares him persona non grata," the Congress said via Twitter.

It added that the motion will now be passed to the Plenary of the Congress for a decision on the matter, in accordance with Article 68 of the Congress' Rules of Procedure.

The decision is due to AMLO's criticism of Dina Boluarte's government, the imprisonment of Pedro Castillo, as well as the recent authorization for the US Department of Defense military to enter the country.

"Non grata" is sort of like "hit the road, Jack" with Peruvian sauce.

Add to this that Mr. AMLO won't give up the honorary presidency of the Pacific Club and pass it to Peru.  It's an honorary post rotated among the members, but don't tell that to AMLO.  In other words, El Presidente is angry with the events in Peru, a democracy, but embraces the dictator of Cuba for all the good things happening on that island.

Cheers to Peru.  Maybe Peru can place a call to our president and show him how to deal with this first-class demagogue south of the border.

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Image: Eneas de Troya.

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