GOP needs to get in the game on election process

There was an extremely important discussion on Hannity Monday night with Ronna MacDaniel and Reince Priebus, current and former Republican National Committee directors, about how the GOP needs to get its act together to stop losing close elections. 

Instead of focusing so much on a candidate, they need to start focusing on the electoral "process," i.e., the mechanics and logistics of getting out the vote now that it's become normalized and the Democrats have mastered it through mass mail-in voting, drop boxes, and maybe most importantly, ballot-harvesting. Ballot-harvesting is where they hire third parties to go out and pick up ballots where the Democrat voters live, something that was pioneered in previous election cycles in California.  

This gives them a huge built-in advantage regarding a significant portion of their voter base in the black community. It's no secret to them that a lot of them are apathetic about voting on election day when they either don't feel like putting in the effort to go vote or because nothing ever seems to change to make life better for them, so what's the point of voting, or both.

Priebus made some really good points about how the Democrats no longer win on ideas and so the quality of candidates doesn't really matter to them anymore, as demonstrated by both Biden and Fetterman, so they've gone all-in on the process of getting any brain-dead moron elected, which is close to the truth when you look at Fetterman. 

Priebus also said the Democrats have a huge advantage in soft money donations from the billionaire class such as Mark Zuckerberg giving money to non-profits that will go out and work at the local levels, precinct by precinct, to boost Democrat voter turnout, which is exactly what Zuckerberg and his wife did with $419 million of their own money. This was most notable in Wisconsin, which gave the election to Biden. Without the huge infusion of money, Wisconsin would have almost certainly gone to Trump. 

They both agreed that Republicans need to fight fire with fire and get into the trenches and mimic what the Democrats have mastered. McDaniel said that's exactly what they're doing now, but the fact remains that the Democrats have a big advantage in this area and that the RNC can't accept soft money donations (neither can the DNC); they have a lot of work to do in the less glamorous task of focusing on process rather than on the candidate.

Finally, she made a great point about how so many people in Pennsylvania voted early by mail-in balloting for Fetterman before his disastrous debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz that could have very well swung the election in Oz's favor if there wasn't mass mail-in voting. And Hannity also did an excellent job in declaring a clarion call for Republicans needing to focus on election process soon before any more close elections slip away.

Image: Carrie Cizauskas

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