Gallup poll reveals that Tucker Carlson is (by far) America’s most credible ‘public individual’

With considerations like “likeability” and “trust” dominating the decision-making process, is it any wonder that Tucker Carlson secured the number one spot…by leaps and bounds? Given the same parameters, care to take a guess who fared the worst?

Well, it shouldn’t surprise you in the slightest to learn that of the 20 “most frequently” mentioned names, Jake Tapper ranked at 17th, Anthony Fauci tied for 19th, and Barack Obama was the literal last.

A report published Tuesday by Gallup affirmed what’s becoming increasingly clear: despite the endless and obsequious bootlicking for the Democrats, the American people are seeing through the propaganda (what a promising trajectory!) and this has got to be incredibly worrisome for the party that couldn’t win an election without…propaganda and cheating at the polls.

From the text:

In 2022, the highest percentage of Americans in 50 years of Gallup tracking reported no confidence at all in the news media. This aligns with growing public distrust in a wide variety of U.S. institutions.

Gallup’s research with Knight Foundation over the past five years has revealed the drivers and barriers of trusting the news and has quantified the depth of Americans’ negative feelings about the news today.

In response:

A new Gallup/Knight Foundation study finds that many Americans regularly turn to individuals with public platforms for news and information.

So, what did the numbers look like?

The study found that 89% (almost nine out of ten) of Americans “follow public individuals for news and information” and 74% noted they were motivated to follow said individuals because these figures offered “a perspective I can’t find in traditional news outlets”. It’s worth mentioning that the sizable majority going outside the mainstream narrative is reflected rather equally across the political spectrum; the numbers break down with 86% of Republicans, 67% of Democrats, and 74% of independents doing so.

The stranglehold on the free flow of information is lessening, and the Democrats are losing their star power. Fauci was a sacred cow for countless leftists — I still remember a family member’s visceral disgust and subsequent violent toss when she realized the book she picked up from my coffee table was Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci — and Obama’s star power was one of the primary reasons that the rotting corpse known as Joe Biden had a campaign at all; when Obama’s likeability has bottomed out, you know the left has overplayed their hand.

The leftist media’s war against the American people appears to have morphed into a kamikaze mission; where’s the popcorn?

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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