Fourth Reich disseminates ominous new report on ‘environmental policy’

If you said that climate lockdowns would be next, you might be a conspiracy theorist.

If you’re making simple observations and drawing basic conclusions about the world around you, you might be a conspiracy theorist.

If you have even the most rudimentary understanding of big government leftism and limited government conservatism, you might be a conspiracy theorist.

If you make a point to remind your friends and family that reality is consistent and historical precedent is a good barometer for future events, you might be a conspiracy theorist.

If you speak up against the regime, you might be a conspiracy theorist.

On May 9th, the German federal government’s Advisory Council on the Environment issued a “special report” titled “Politik in der Pflicht: Umweltfreundliches Verhalten erleichtern”; roughly translated this reads, “Politics has a duty: Facilitate environmentally friendly behavior.”

Now, it’s worth noting that the report only appears to be published on the German site, and not on the English-speaking version of the page; is it perhaps an attempt to keep the document away from the prying eyes of America’s citizen journalists?

It wouldn’t surprise me — the opening of the introduction alone reveals quite a conspicuous agenda of authoritarian slavery. The German public’s overwhelming compliance to the government’s COVID “pandemic” measures and “energy crisis mitigations” taught the agents of the Fourth Reich a valuable lesson, and they intend to put it to use...again. This time though, the “emergency” isn’t a biohazard or the electrical grid; it’s the “climate crisis”!

Read below, from page 25:

Many common behaviors exacerbate today’s environmental problems. Conversely, changes in behavior can make a significant contribution to overcoming the environmental crises. However, the framework conditions that exist today, including those set by politics, often do not provide any incentive for environmentally friendly behavior or even make it more difficult [emphasis added]. It is therefore important to strengthen environmentally friendly behavior more than in the past through political measures and to spread it among the population. This special report by the German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU) deals with the starting points and instruments available to politicians to enable and facilitate environmentally friendly behavior. It also shows ways to increase the political feasibility of behavioral measures.

Also, this, which extends to page 26:

Although the central environmental crises…are less directly visible…than the energy crisis and pandemic, environmental policy can learn from these sometimes painful but also important experiences of recent years…. Behavioral changes in the population can contribute to the solution in all of these crises and it is possible to adopt and implement political measures aimed at behavioral changes.

In mid-2022, for example, a number of measures were introduced in Germany to defuse the energy crisis that arose as a result of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. These measures also targeted the behavior of citizens [emphasis added]. 

Extensive measures were already in place during the pandemic to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Both crisis situations increasingly focus on the contribution of behavioral changes by citizens, for example in energy use or in their contact behavior, to combating a collective problem.

And here is the finishing touch:

Nevertheless, the two crisis situations show that political measures that can severely restrict the behavior of citizens are possible if the threat is correspondingly large and the importance of the protected good - as in these examples health and energy supply - is recognized.

It is also obviously possible to design and communicate political measures in such a way that they are supported by a majority.

Ahhh, and there it is: it’s just a matter of getting the messaging right. All the government needs to do is tap the varsity team, and compelling certain “desirable” behaviors from the public will be a breeze! This is Germany we’re talking about, so somehow I suspect they can find a propaganda whiz or two…..

As PJ Media columnist Kevin Downey Jr. noted just yesterday, the American Democrats of today have accomplished a rather remarkable task: they’ve persuaded “idiots” to accept the Orwellian idea that “tyranny is virtue”. (In all honesty though, how hard can it be to indoctrinate people who aren’t thinking for themselves?) However, that idea is an astute observation that applies to the global collective too.

Now, maybe it’s just the “conspiracy theorist” in me, but I’ll get a headstart: the climate tyrants aren’t confined to Germany…they’re coming for us too.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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