Feds decide depriving schoolkids of pornography creates ‘hostile environment’ and may violate their civil rights

Incredibly, the federal government, in the form of the Department of Education of the United States, has concluded that a Georgia school district’s removal of fewer than a dozen book titles, all with extreme LGBTQ and sexual content, may have created a “hostile environment” for students, potentially violating their civil rights.

After completing its investigation into the Forsyth County School District’s decision to pull the books from its library shelves -- after parents voiced profound displeasure over their radical sexual and LGBTQ content -- the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights sprang into action and released its findings.

The district, situated north of Atlanta, issued a letter in which it agreed to offer “supportive measures” to students affected by the book removals -- and to administer a school climate survey, whatever that is.

Allow the 13-year-old me to publicly clarify what we are being told, if you will. Clearing my throat. Okay, ready:

While conservatives must not be allowed to speak on campus or post on social media -- or preferably anywhere else -- for obvious reasons, keeping me from accessing books with, for example, sketches of a ten-year-old boy with an older man’s penis in his mouth, is creating a “hostile environment”…for me…and is literally violating my civil rights. As is, by the way, the school’s blatantly cruel refusal to provide me with tobacco products and alcohol. This illegal and immoral denial of my -- and my classmates’ --  inalienable rights as granted by our Creator must be redressed immediately. Thank you.

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