Democrats' policies: Help the poor and minorities, or just make them more dependent on the government?

After a purported 404 years of racism in the United States (The 1619 Project), the median net worth of whites is estimated to be around $188,000, while the median net worth of blacks is around $24,000.  Leftists propose giving blacks millions to make up the discrepancy.

Maybe blacks would have done better if Democrats didn't have anti-poverty programs like the Great Society that encouraged the break-up of the family and relegated generations to continued poverty.  Single parenthood is the greatest indicator of who will end up in poverty.

Maybe blacks would be richer if Democrats, including Obama and Biden, hadn't continually blocked the poor and minorities from getting opportunities to go to better schools.

Maybe blacks would be richer if Democrats didn't continually force prevailing wage laws, like Davis Bacon, which were passed in the 1930s to block minorities from taking white workers' jobs.

Davis-Bacon: Jim Crow's Last Stand

The Davis-Bacon Act Imposes Tremendous Social and Economic Costs

Davis-Bacon, passed in 1931, requires private contractors to pay “prevailing wages” to employees on all construction projects receiving more than $2,000 in federal funding. The Secretary of Labor is charged with conducting surveys of a region’s wages and setting rates for up to 100 various classifications of workers. Most often, the “prevailing wage” corresponds to the union wage, especially in urban areas, where union membership tends to be higher. The Davis-Bacon Act covers approximately 20 percent of all construction projects in the United States and affects more than 25 percent of all construction workers in the nation at any given time.

The Act was passed in order to prevent non-unionized black and immigrant laborers from competing with unionized white workers. The discriminatory effects continue, as even today minorities tend to be vastly under-represented in highly unionized skilled trades, and over- represented in the pool of unskilled workers.

It is truly a shame that Democrats always propose higher taxes, more regulations, and bigger government when the solution is to give everyone more opportunities to move up in the private sector.  Capitalism is the best solution to poverty, not government spending and handouts.

Trump's policies on energy, fewer regulations, and lower taxes were lifting up people of all races, especially those at the bottom, whom Democrats pretend to care about.  Yet the media and other Democrats sought to destroy Trump every day with lies like Russian collusion and claims that he was an authoritarian.

Essentially, the Democrats like to confiscate more power and money for themselves and then to trickle out some of it to people in order to buy votes and more power for themselves. 

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