Could Tucker himself be releasing those allegedly damning leaked videos?

Well, yet another supposedly “damning” video of Tucker Carlson got leaked to Media Matters for America (“MMFA”). As with the others, it shows Tucker when he’s not seated at his desk speaking to the audience but is, instead, conversing with those around him, whether in person, on the phone, or via text. MMFA, which despises Tucker Carlson, presumably released this material to show Tucker in a bad light. However, for conservatives, the videos give us a first-hand look at a real, thoughtful, funny, and intelligent man we’d love to meet for a beer. So I ask, mostly facetiously and a tiny bit seriously, is Tucker the man behind the leak as he readies himself to launch his own media empire?

Here’s a rundown of the Tucker videos that are supposed to show him in a bad light but that, instead, endear him to his fans. There was the one in which Tucker said that Fox Nation has an abysmal site. His fans weren’t offended; they agreed. No matter how good the content, the site’s architecture is abysmal, making it almost impossible to find and view that content:

If I were setting up my own media empire, I would want people to think about my future rival’s technical issues.

Then there was Tucker’s funny line about “postmenopausal fans.” On the same day that video broke, I used my post-menopausal status to tell a bored-looking receptionist at the VA that she had lovely eyes, which made her smile. What I said was sweet coming from a gray-haired lady but would have been creepy were I young. Age matters and I totally appreciated Tucker’s reference to his audience’s older demographics:

Tucker had another funny line when he joked with Piers Morgan about sex techniques and tanning testicles. This was badinage, not sexual harassment, and it made me laugh, as it probably did the rest of Tucker’s audience:

I also appreciated Tucker referring to a woman as “yummy.” Yes, Tucker is heterosexual, and yes, he appreciates women, but he does so in a way that’s gentle, not sleazy, obscene, or threatening. And then he made a joke about his joke. This is how real people talk when the word police aren’t in the room with them. Also, I can’t be the only conservative to enjoy his telling the MMFA to go “F” itself:

As someone who’s been a lawyer for decades, I also completely agreed with Tucker finding an opposing counsel to be sleazy and slimy. That’s how all parties to a case feel about opposing counsel; it’s a human response:

Tucker also teased a make-up artist about pillow fights, which again is not obscene, sleazy, or threatening. It is a bit retro, referring to long-ago PG fantasies in the media regarding sorority girls. It showed that Tucker is heterosexual and playful, without crossing a line:

The most interesting leak, actually, was a very thoughtful text Tucker wrote about fighting back against the urge to dehumanize our political enemies, no matter how awful their behavior:

Leftists skipped Tucker’s humanism and were triggered that he wrote that “white people” tend not to engage in mob violence. In fact, Tucker was noticing reality. It’s much easier to find examples of minority mob violence than to find white mob violence. It is rather sad that I found the following videos with very basic word searches such as “large group of teens,” “mob violence,” or “massive brawl”:

The above videos, of course, are not about race-qua-race but, instead, reflect a cultural problem, and you’d have to be blind not to notice it. I blame leftists, who have told blacks for decades that self-control means “acting white” and, therefore, should be avoided.

The latest faux horror is that Tucker noted that pronouns in a Twitter bio mean someone is a leftist and shouldn’t be working at Fox News, and that Fox News is swarming with leftists:

Again, Tucker nails it, from the pronouns to the fact that Fox News is barely Republican, let alone actually conservative.

What comes through in all the videos is that Tucker is a genuinely real person. He respects his co-workers, has a silly and funny sense of humor, thinks like an actual man and not a gelded soy boy, and understands conservativism.

According to Axios, Tucker plans to build his own media empire to compete with Fox News. If that’s true, these videos will endear him to conservatives. And that’s why I ask that facetious question: Did Tucker himself leak these videos?

Image: Tucker Carlson. YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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