CBS News suddenly turns against Biden — a sign that he is being pressured to drop his re-election plans?

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I was shocked when CBS News aired an interview with the IRS whistleblower who revealed what looks like preferential treatment of Hunter Biden in his tax investigation: “multiple steps that were slow-walked. ... It was way outside the norm of what I’ve experienced in the past.” (source)


This more or less broke what has been a legacy media blockade of coverage of the Biden family’s scandalous receipt of millions of dollars from foreign sources and associated tax scandals.

Writing at the AMAC website, Shane Harris compared this to the moment when CBS’s Walter Cronkite turned against LBJ’s prosecution of the Vietnam War

The moment recalls memories of another famous incident of CBS suddenly turning on a Democrat president, when anchor Walter Cronkite broke with Lyndon B. Johnson’s stance on the Vietnam War, an incident that reportedly caused Johnson to remark, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost America.”

That watershed moment came on February 27, 1968, in the midst of the Tet Offensive. As American troops saw heavy casualties, Cronkite broke with the by then well-established media position of toeing the Democrat line and offered a devastating analysis of the U.S. position in Vietnam.

Of course, in the era of broadcast-only television with 3 networks, Cronkite’s nightly audience dwarfed any news coverage of today. But that doesn’t diminish the significance of CBS turning against Biden.

It seems to me that any rational Democrat pondering the multiple weaknesses of Biden as a candidate would want to persuade him from running for re-election. His presidency has noticeably worsened the lives of most Americans, with inflation lowering standards of living, not to mention many other disasters unfolding. He is running behind Donald Trump in the polls, even after 7 years of relentless media demonization of the former president.

I strongly suspect that a message is being sent to Biden with this breach in the former media cofferdam protecting him from a flood of negative press about his and his family’s financial ties to foreign powers, many hostile to the United States. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it sure looks like he’s been on the take from our enemies. The FBI may be stonewalling release of a document that James Comer implies shows him receiving $5 million form a foreign source in return for a policy move – bribery – but if the media chooses to focus on the indirect evidence, it would be curtains for re-election. And would likely lead to unstoppable pressure to appoint a special counsel that could lead to criminal prosecution.

Of course, there are numerous problems if Biden bows out from re-election. How to ease out Kamala Harris whose unpopularity precludes her from the nomination for one. And getting a replacement who is not Robert F. Kennedy. Jr. or Marianne Williamson nominated is another. But already Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey have been the subjects of speculation, and the oleaginous Gavin Newsom is eager to run, it appears. The Democrats are all about power, so there will be no shortage of eager politicians seeking the nation’s highest office if Biden bows out.

So, Joe (and perhaps more importantly, Jill) Biden is seeing that the immunity from public discussion of his bribery in the legacy media cannot be taken for granted.  He’s taken the weekend off once again (despite the debt ceiling “crisis”), so there is time to discuss in private, with no public disclosure of who is stopping by to advise him,  the wisdom of retreating from the 2024 campaign.

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