Caracas North: LA County sheriffs asked to show inspectors their gang tats

Amazing what happens when the police are demonized and nobody wants to be a cop.

In Los Angeles County, they've got a real doozy of a problem: gangs turning up on the police side of the glass, inside the department itself.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Less than a week after the county watchdog ordered dozens of deputies to show their gang tattoos and answer questions about violent cliques within the department, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna on Thursday sent a department-wide email commanding his staff to comply with the inspector general’s request.

“Please be advised that all Department personnel who received such a request are hereby ordered to appear and cooperate in such interviews,” Luna wrote in the firmly worded email. “All statements made by Department personnel shall be full, complete, and truthful statements.”

Any employees who obstruct or delay an investigation, the email went on to say, could be disciplined or fired under current county policies.

Now to be clear, these gangs are homebrew gangs of lawmen teaming up together in initiated societies to form cliques of their own. They're crappy and trashy and yes, criminal, but they aren't MS-13 or any of the famous crime gangs on the streets of Compton or East L.A. These are their own thang -- with names like 'the Executioners' and 'the Banditos' who will need to show the inspectors their tattoos. (Maybe their expressive grillework will be next.) Others among the sheriffs' gangs, according to Jazz Shaw at Hot Air, who has an excellent report, have names like the Regulators, the Spartans, the Gladiators, the Cowboys and the Reapers. Shaw suspects that gang-to-gang, they could be making non-aggression pacts or share-the-spoils pacts with real gangs. But I have my suspicions about potential overlap with criminal street gangs, too. When I was in Los Angeles, I once met an authentic criminal at a BLM rally -- Mexican-American -- who explained to me how she and her homies had plans to get hired by the L.A. County Sheriff's office, showing me her gang tat on her forearm indicating that intention. She hastened assure me she wasn't 'pro-police' or anything, she and her homies just wanted a place on the inside. Another time, at a party at the Mexican consulate, I met a L.A. County sheriff who was militantly pro-Hugo Chavez over in Venezuela. Chavez, of course, pretty well turned his country over to gangs to rule the slums with an iron fist, so one wonders if that was at the root of his admiration for the brutal leftist dictator. When I read this Los Angeles Times story, suddenly I could see some of the dynamics of who is getting hired over there -- and with the police demonized, it doesn't take long for real demons to take over.

They are crappy indeed and heaven help any decent sheriff who has to work alongside them -- there are decent sheriffs, such as these L.A. County sheriffs I wrote about here. But apparently, many are not. According to the Times report, sometimes they run the stationhouses like jailhouse gangs. Imagine being a member of the LAPD and having to deal with these gang-tat guys as if they were fellow professionals.

Now we have word that a whole lot of these sheriffs belong to these gangs, and their loyalty is to gangs, not the city or citizens, we can also see that these are the guys who are getting caught up in police brutality cases, of which there are a lot of, forcing the city to pay out millions of dollars in damages as aggrieved characters in other gangs complain and launch lawsuits.

Ratting out who these characters are, and yes, firing them, seems like step one for professionalizing this sorrily fallen police force in Los Angeles and saving the department money. The second step will have to be building up the police from upstanding citizens and promoting those values on the force. How they are going to do that with the current leftist crew running the city is an open question, but this reveal-your-tattoo measure probably won't be about results in a city like that. Perhaps the locals will just have to accept that they are increasingly resembling Caracas where the gangs control the locals, particularly in the nastiest slums. Nice going, blue city monopoly.

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