Can we please stop using the term 'President Biden'?

AT readers know well the array of dementia signs in the current occupant of the White House.  I'm sure most would contend that Biden is not mentally capable of the office.  And yet, how many AT essays and comments decry this or that policy of Biden or this or that statement that he manages to utter as if they were his policies and statements?  One of Biden's chief functions for the left is his role as Straw Man in Chief.  If you attack him, you're not attacking them.  (Leftist) Mission accomplished.  Conservatives/patriots set themselves up here in what will be an exceedingly adept ploy from the left.  Once the left gets rid of Biden, its minions will claim "problem solved."  Now let's all hail our new (Democrat) President ___________ [fill in the blank].

So what is the proper approach that conservatives/patriots should take?  Utter dismissiveness!  Refuse to engage with any argument that centers on Biden.  Refuse to acknowledge him.  It will drive his minions crazy, but, much more importantly, it will remind AT readers that Biden is merely the tip of the pimple that sits atop the festering subdermal abscess that is Democrat leftism.  Eliminating Biden will accomplish nothing except proceeding to the next chapter that the left has written.

So how am I so sure that other hands man the steering wheel in our headlong plunge over the abyss?  Little things.  The mighty get tripped up so many times by just that — little things.

Image: Biden (cropped).  YouTube screen grab.

For example, Biden did not bother attending the coronation of the monarch of perhaps our closest ally.  The estimable Mrs. Biden did.  I'm not a partisan of Charles, but I do respect the British people.  Biden's actions are inexcusable in that regard.  And the petty meanness of the swipe seems odd.  What exactly in Biden's Senate or vice presidency past betokens his antipathy to the British or their monarch?  In truth, nothing.  That his mother didn't like the British is not relevant to him in his role as White House occupant and the American people's representative.

And then there's this: remember that bust of Winston Churchill that Barry Obama had summarily removed from the W.H. after his inauguration?  The one that President Trump put back in place?  Well, it seems (from none other than CNN) that Biden had it removed again.

Now, we know that Biden can be petty and vindictive (ask Hunter's disowned daughter), but even the petty and vindictive need a motive.  Only one person would have the pettiness, vindictiveness, and hatred to troll that low.  And that would be Barack Hussein Obama.

So, with Susan Rice's recent stint in the Biden White House as further argument about the real power behind the Oval Office chair (not to mention the estimable Merrick Garland as A.G.,) it really does appear that the Transformation of America is proceeding apace with the same cast of characters leading the way (where are Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder these days?).

This begets yet another question: how can a guy not bright enough to write his own autobiography lead a transformative revolution — both cultural and political — that has enveloped the U.S.?  Like a series of infernal nesting dolls, we will likely find that the ultimate fingers working the strings belong to someone(s) still as yet uncovered, but not Barry.

But back to our theme here, don't believe for a second that Joseph Robinette Biden pulls his own strings.  That mirage only favors the left's goals.  And besides, he is about to be thrown under their bus anyway.  They just await the moment of maximum gain.

It is very true that, to defeat your enemy, you must first know him.  Just realize, it isn't Biden.  If someone shoots you, you don't take it out on the bullet.  You go after the shooter!  (Except if your name is Alec Baldwin, of course.)  So, with us, don't waste time on Biden.  Focus on one row back.  Biden is about to be history, courtesy of his current masters.  But we will get only more of the same or worse.

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