Bud Light is the laser dot, and we're the cat

A few years back, I had a cat that figured out that the laser pointer wasn't real.  It didn't take him long.  I made the light cross in front of him, he sniffed the place I had just shot the light, didn't smell anything, and never paid attention to the red dot again.  He even shot me a look after smelling, one that let me know I had insulted him.

America is an endless laser show of red nothing dots.  Manufactured outrage, "someone said this...be outraged," "someone else said they didn't like what someone said...be outraged."

Take the spokes-man who will not be named, and Tranzheuser-Busch.  Want to know what happened there?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  They sent a can to a man-child in a dress, and he drank a beer in a bathtub and filmed it.  Yet everyone is willing to destroy the lives of employees and distributors who had less than nothing to do with the marketing stunt.

AB Inbev could have pulled out of it by offering up a custom printed can for anyone who shelled out $49.95 and made a mint.  Sadly, they didn't see the opportunity.

Now don't get me wrong...I love to see the woke get beat at their own game.  But the people who actually make, bottle, and distribute Bud Light likely aren't woke.  Seriously, America is putting Laverne, Shirley, Lenny, and Squiggy out of a job over someone who doesn't even work at AB!

They don't perform genital mutation surgery at the Bud Light factory, nor do they indoctrinate children.  

As a matter of fact, children aren't allowed near the product.

Bud Light is made and bottled in America.  Not China, not Mexico, not Ukraine...America.  American jobs, American workers, American products.

I don't drink beer, I don't wear dresses, and I don't own stock; therefore, I have no skin in this game.  Except this: I am a Republican precinct committeeman, and 4 out of about 100 "hard Rs" in my precinct are in danger of losing their jobs at the local AB warehouse.  That's about four percent.  Republicans.  Good people.  Family men.  People who contribute to the party.  Americans.

If we lose their votes, or they have to move, my precinct flips blue for all local, state, and national races.  We just lost a school board seat, by two votes!

I was grossed out by the man-child beer bathtub video, too.  I am pretty grossed out about the whole genital mutilation thing.  But killing American jobs on purpose isn't the answer.  Joe Biden is doing enough of that without us helping him destroy jobs.

And understand this: the people you want to get fired at AB Inbev will be given golden parachutes and a show on MSNBC.  The only people who will be hurt by the boycott are the lowly line workers...who already can't afford eggs, gas, rent, doctor, car, insurance...

I understand wanting to die on this hill, but Bud Light isn't the hill.  Trans insanity is.

The red laser dot isn't real.

Image via Pxfuel.

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