Brawl breaks out between supporters of two rival Muslim candidates at Dem political convention in Minneapolis

Mass immigration from Third World countries has certainly changed the politics of Minneapolis. The New York Post reports (hat tip: Scott Johnson of Powerline)

A Minneapolis Democrat endorsing convention was completely derailed after supporters for an insurgent candidate stormed the stage at a K-8 school and started a brawl.

Shocking video shows that the chaos first started with intense booing as team members for incumbent Ward 10 Councilmember Aisha Chughtai and her team took the stage at the Ella Baker Global Studies & Humanities Magnet School in hopes of obtaining the endorsement of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party.

The fracas took a sharp turn after one woman from challenger Nasri Warsame’s team aggressively rushed toward a Chughtai supporter while shouting and pointing.

Other supporters from Warsame’s camp quickly followed suit and formed a mosh beneath the school’s stage.

The clash between camps — differentiated by Chughtai’s signature yellow shirts and Warsame’s blue signs — bled onto the stage, with the same Warsame supporter who initiated the melee belligerently slamming a table that was to be used for the endorsement proceedings.

Scott Johnson notes:

Incumbent Aisha Chugtai (the council’s first Pakistani Muslim woman) is opposed by Nasri Warsame (a Somali Muslim man). As I say, it’s a “diverse” ward.

The incident was captured on video posted to YouTube embedded below. (6-minute video clip)

It may be worth noticing that the Chugtai supporters that took to the stage before the brawl erupted as Warasame supporters charged are almost all whites:

YouTube screengrab

This does not appear to be the case among the Warasame supporters. I realize that we are not supposed to notice and that commenting on this will be denounced as racist, while noting the religion of the candidates of both sides to the brawl will be called "Islamophobic."

YouTube screengrab

Despite reports of injuries and evidence on video recordings, Minneapolis Police declined to make any arrests. In the wake of the George Floyd riots and the prison terms handed down after the career criminal died of a drug overdose while in police custody, I suppose the cops’ reluctance to engage any of the brawlers is understandable. But having gotten away with open, public political violence this time, there is every likelihood that the miscreants will engage in more violence in the future. Just as happens in Mogadishu. At least there are no warlords operating in Minneapolis. Yet.

As we watch millions of Third World invaders swarm over our border in the space of two years of Biden, our political culture is trending in the same direction as the Third World. The conditions produced by such a culture are a major reason why the invaders want to be here. And now, we get to participate.

Ask any Democrat in Minneapolis about the mass Third World immigration and you are likely to hear about the richness that “diversity” brings. And while there are many fine people that come here fleeing such countries, some sort of critical mass effect is at work when activists in a major party think that brawling is an okay political tactic

Note: In Minnesota, the Democrat party is called the DFL – Democrat Farmer-Labor Party. This is because an authentic populist party, the Farmer-Labor Party, rose to prominence and won the governorship in the 1930s.  Hubert Humphrey, when he was mayor of Minneapolis, helped bring about the merger of the two parties, in part to help him drive out the Communists who were a substantial faction with the Democrats. Alas, there is no Democrat of his stature to perform the same service today now that the national party is dominated by Marxists.

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