Biden’s potential new ambassador to Israel views its founding as a ‘catastrophe’

One of the top candidates to take on the role of ambassador to Israel, now that Thomas Nides is on his way out, is Susie Gelman, who is retiring from her tenure as the chair of the Israel Policy Forum. Gelman professes to love Israel, but she considers its founding a catastrophe and is working hard to undermine its current government. In other words, hers is the “love” of a wifebeater.

When it came to Trump, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) created a world of defamatory lies. A major lie was that Trump was antisemitic. This was always weird when one considers that his beloved Ivana had married a Jewish man, converted to Judaism herself, and was raising her children to be Jewish. It became even more ludicrous during Trump’s administration when Trump moved the American embassy to Israel’s capital and worked hard to bring peace to the region via the Abraham Accords. Trump made it clear that, the more Palestinians killed Jews, the less they could expect to get from the American government. And, of course, Trump did everything he could to weaken Iran, Israel’s genocidal arch-nemesis. He was the most pro-Israel president ever.

Image: Susie Gelman. YouTube screen grab.

That changed with Biden. He picked up where Obama left off, starting with giving Iran the green light to go nuclear. He’s rewarded the Palestinians’ murderous intransigence when it came to Israelis. The regime apparently helped fund the anti-Netanyahu protests that arose when Bibi tried to rein in a completely rogue Supreme Court. And there’s the fact that Biden wants to weaponize the same people killing Israelis:

Besides a plan to develop Palestinian Arab communications infrastructure to a 4G level despite protests from Israeli intelligence bodies, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken outlined the Biden administration’s intention to “provide 5,000 Palestinians with commando training in Jordan and then deploy them to northern Samaria, and perhaps the South Hebron Hills [the region of Israel also known as the West Bank].”

Regarding Israel’s stability and security, the Biden administration has been nothing short of a disaster. With the opportunity to appoint a new ambassador to Israel, Biden is doubling down on the hate:

Outgoing Ambassador Thomas Nides was an odious example of this, but the Biden administration is looking for someone even worse. Possible candidates supposedly include Obama’s ex Dan Shapiro, and former Rep. Robert Wexler, an anti-Israel leftist, but there’s buzz about “selecting a woman”.

This isn’t about selecting a woman, obviously, it’s about promoting an anti-Israel leftist who happens to be female while painting her selection as historic.

Who’s the woman in question?

Reportedly, Susie Gelman, the chairwoman of the Israel Policy Forum.


The Israel Policy Forum, much like J Street, conducts lobbying and pressure campaigns against Israel, rallying Democrats to oppose Israeli and pro-Israel moves, and aiding some of the worst anti-Israel Dems like Rep. Betty McCollum.

Susie Gelman, a Levi Strauss heiress, has spent the past year or so relentlessly attacking the Israeli government: itself normally disqualifying for an ambassador to that government.

Gelman attacked the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem as “the highest level of brazen partisanship in U.S.-Israel relations since Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress in 2015 in which he expressed his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.”

And Gelman shockingly described Israel’s Independence Day as “Nakba Day”, writing that, “the decision to open the embassy on the eve of Nakba Day [marking the founding of the State of Israel as a “catastrophe” to the Palestinians who fled or were displaced from their homes] was a needless provocation.” (Emphasis mine.)

You can read more about Gelman here.

One of the things a wifebeater does is profess his love for the woman he’s abusing. Indeed, the abuse is central to his love because he’s doing it “for her own good,” to make her a better person.

That’s exactly how the Biden administration acts towards Israel. It professes to view it as an ally and to support its continued existence, even as the beatings continue until Israel’s behavior and morale improve. With friends like the Biden administration, Israel has one more name to add to the list of those countries seeking her destruction.

I belong to a private Facebook group focused on Israel’s well-being that includes ardently pro-Israel Democrats. It’s been interesting watching the cognitive dissonance as they keep trying to explain away the Biden administration’s actions or celebrate as major initiatives the small moments when Biden and his team do something that doesn’t actually harm Israel. For these pro-Israel Democrats, it was a glorious moment when the Biden administration joined with them…to take down Israel’s duly elected government.

Watching what Biden has managed to do in 28 months, I sometimes wonder if America will survive. The Israelis must feel the same thing about their nation after suffering 28 months of Biden’s “friendship” with this long-standing ally.

Postscript: The picture I chose shows Gelman advocating for a two-state solution. There is a second state: Jordan. It was created to be the Arab state. We all know how well that worked out.

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