Biden administration is handing out ludicrous court dates for border invaders

The laughably misnamed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 handed $78,000,000,000 to the IRS to increase its staff across the boards (agents, auditors, IT specialists, etc.). Meanwhile, in the $1.5 trillion ($1,500,000,000,000) omnibus spending bill passed just five months earlier, Congress gave US Customs and Border Protection only $14,000,000,000, which sounds like a lot but is only 17% of the IRS’s haul and was a $428,000,000 decrease from the previous fiscal year. The result of those spending priorities can be seen in the fact that the people currently invading America across our southern border and claiming a right to asylum, are getting court hearing dates in the 2030s!

As you contemplate the people pouring over the southern border, consider that, although the Democrat party is in the lead on this one, the federal Uniparty is happy about and complicit with Biden’s decision to erase the southern border. The Democrats anticipate permanent political power as the invaders (for that’s what they are) swell Democrat representation in blue states and promise to be reliable Democrat voters in the future, whether voting legally or illegally. As for the Republicans, their long-standing passivity on this issue (including when Trump was trying to build his wall) seems to be tied to the old Chamber of Commerce lust for cheap labor.

Image: New arrivals at the American border. Twitter screen grab.

I tend to be an absolutist when it comes to illegal border crossings. Although Biden claims to be helpless, I strongly feel that well-armed American troops spread out across the border, preceded by warnings that people who cross illegally will be shot as combatant alien forces, would be a good deterrent.

If that sounds harsh (well, it is harsh), remember that these people are not fleeing genocide. They’re fleeing their own countries’ economic dysfunction. That’s a logical thing to do. However, America cannot make poverty a justification for gaining asylum. Doing so means our nation ends in a few years, as every one of the world’s impoverished people heads here. (I’ve argued in another forum that Uniparty policies, deliberately or not, also ensure that Latin America remains impoverished and corrupt.)

In addition to using our military to defend us from a foreign invasion, we also need to stop making illegal aliens the automatic beneficiaries of various forms of welfare, starting with free education. Again, I don’t blame the invaders; they are behaving rationally. It is we who are utterly irrational, and we need an originalist Supreme Court decision or a constitutional amendment to fix this.

However, I’m not in charge so, for now, invaders are pouring over the border to be greeted with the warning that they’d better show up for their asylum hearing…in a decade! According to the New York Post:

Migrants processed into the US as asylum seekers are being given immigration court dates more than a decade away.

In Brownsville, migrants who arrived in the US Thursday showed The Post their paperwork with designated court dates set as late as 2032 and 2035 in Chicago and Florida.

Now they have been admitted to the county and given a court date, the migrants can receive a work permit and legally live and work in the US until their case comes up.

Others who had immigration court hearings set for August 2023 in a Maryland immigration court and March 2027 at a Dallas immigration court.

Two people heading to New York City had dates listed for 2025.

Backlogs at immigration courts currently stand at 2.1 million cases waiting to be heard.

There are around 600 immigration court judges deciding asylum cases, and in the last financial year, they closed approximately 312,000 cases.

We need more staff at immigration courts but, instead, our government has made the IRS more powerful. That tells you everything you need to know about the Democrat party and the Uniparty.

They do not care about people who have roots in America stretching back generations or those who arrived recently but legally. Those people have value to our political class only to the extent we pour our hard-earned dollars into the bottomless pit of modern government.

It’s the millions of newbies, the people who come from places where it’s normal to fear the government, who see America as a free vending machine for goods and services, and who promise to provide perpetual power to the political pooh-bahs, that matter now.

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