AOC's call for trucker boycott of Florida an embarrassing flop

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has humiliated herself, apparently in the false belief that truckers care what she thinks. She took to Twitter to call for a trucker boycott of shipments to Florida because of what she terms “anti-immigrant” policies of Governor Ron DeSantis, deliberately conflating legal with illegal immigration, the target of DeSantis’s recent bill.

Anti-immigrant policies reap what they sow. DeSantis’ Florida is about to find that out. The US has such deep needs right now, particularly in labor. Yet policymakers (of ALL stripes) take our immigrant communities for granted. No más. Time to stop biting the hands that feed.

But as Jake Welch of The National Pulse points out, there has been no discernable effect, despite media lies to the contrary:

Even the leftist Tallahassee Democrat conceded this week they were unaware of any truckers actually boycotting the Sunshine State.

The President of Florida Trucking Association, Alix Miller, furthermore, told the British left-wing website the Independent, “I’m aware of the reports, but have not heard of any issues.”

Corporate media sources originally reported “empty shelves” due to the protests. It soon became apparent that one of their videos was from October, and showed shortages due to Hurricane Ian. Another showed a recent refrigeration issue at a Walmart Supercenter.

With an increasing number of my friends living in Florida the past couple of years, I have yet to hear a single complaint about a diminished supply of goods reaching the shelves there. It looks like Ocasio-Cortez has just discovered that her influence with true working class Hispanics is a tiny fraction of what she imagined.

Image via Twitter (cropped)

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