Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's aide moves on to lead the Communist Party USA for the state of New York

Democrats, at least in the recent past, could be counted on express umbrage when their political opponents called them "communists."

After all, communism has led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people; a vile "-ology" comparable to Naziism in its totalitarian ideal.

Get a load of how sensitive they used to be, as recently as 2022, in this New York magazine piece by Ed Kilgore:

The day after the 2020 vice-presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, then-President Donald Trump did something that is hard to do: He actually shocked me with intemperate language, in this case referring to Harris as a "monster" and a "communist." The "monster" business didn't surprise me, actually, given Trump's long history of personal insults to women. But "communist?" Seriously? I hadn't heard a Republican call a Democrat a commie since the high tide of McCarthyism — and even back then, the rare slur was associated with specific (if lunatic) allegations of subservience to an international Marxist-Leninist conspiracy operating out of Moscow. Sure, for a generation, Republicans have been imprecisely calling Democrats "socialists," though no more than a handful of Donkey Party members answer to that appellation, which in itself is as imprecise as "conservative" or "liberal." But "communist" is actually pretty precise — and wildly inappropriate for anyone in either major U.S. party.


These days, Democrats are different, and the appellation "communist" for some is all perfectly real.

According to the New York Post:

A ex-aide to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now working as a senior official in the New York State Communist Party.

Justine Medina, 33, spent a year employed by "The Squad" leader as a political organizer in 2020 and was paid more than $35,000 between February and November of that year, Federal Election Commission records show.

Almost immediately after the election, Medina began working as a full-blown Marxist. In July 2021, she was identified as "co-chair of the New York Young Communist League" by the Communist Party newspaper People's World. The same publication today identifies her as a member of the "Executive Committee of the New York State Communist Party."

Social media records show Medina's Marxist proclivities were in full bloom before and during her employment with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.

"Well, I am a Communist, but work for AOC," she said proudly in a tweet from October 2020.

That's communist, the CPUSA kind, the ones who carry little red cards and go to party cell meetings, which they now call "clubs."  Medina is the old gray character on the top of the Kremlin wall for New York telling the clubs what they will "think."

That she has a "political" position and can make what the communists call "political decisions" as a member of the "executive committee" means she was a very trusted nomenklatura operative in their organization for a very long time.  She held other leadership positions, such as that of the Young Communist League, another critical position of trust, meaning she was in deep.

What's more, the New York state organization is a very large and important entity in the CPUSA, often a springboard for future national leadership positions.  CPUSA national chair John Bachtell who now holds the position Gus Hall once held, was a former New York state party leader, according to KeyWiki, a database of communist activists, as well as his official biography.  Like Medina, Bachtell was also a chief of the Young Communist League.

So basically, Medina is following Bachtell's path to the top.

That's no casual campus closet communist.  Medina's the real thing.  And there she was, working for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a sitting U.S. congresswoman legislating U.S. law, which included refusing to condemn Hugo Chávez (a guy who proudly called himself a communist even as he rammed Venezuela into the ground) and performing other tasks, even as AOC preened for the cameras with makeup lessons in order to seem, as a far-left socialist, "human," as well as attract the youth to the movement as their social media "influencer."

AOC has always seemed pretty communist herself to me, even if she was a Democratic Socialists of America member, which is a closely aligned organization.  Her "Tax the Rich" pricey Met gala gown slogan certainly came from the CPUSA dating from the late 1980s — they were using that phrase then — and her other stances are pure communism too.  There is no daylight between AOC's views and the CPUSA's views, which is why she was so comfortable with having Medina on her staff reading all her correspondence and watching her votes.

It's creepy stuff, given how at odds the communists are with American ideals.  What it shows is how far the Democrats have skidded into the CPUSA orbit, with AOC's office being literally run by them.  The CPUSA, owing to its Soviet sponsorship in its past and the fact that many old communists from the 1930s on have died off and left the party their fortunes, still has a lot of money in its organization.  Now we learn that with AOC winning office, they also have had people in high positions of power, forcing communist views onto an unwilling American public, and oddly calling these iron-fisted rules and political correctnesses "democracy," the same way the Castroite Cuban nomenklatura does in that communist hellhole.

Communism has wrought misery for millions every single time it has ever been tried.  It's one reason among many as to why our borders are flooded with fleeing migrants.  It has brought murder, war, enslavement, and forced atheism wherever it has been practiced and should be as shameful as Naziism to embrace.

Yet it isn't.  It's casually ensconced within the U.S. government through the Legislative Branch and perhaps other branches, with nary an embarrassed look.  Who else does she have in there, working for the Party?  Someone should ask.

Yes, the Democrats have changed as they've moved to the fringe left.  With this revelation about Medina, they seem to have merged with the actual communists, and that, not Trump's statement of the obvious, should be cause for umbrage among them.

Image: Logo, fair use, via Wikimedia Commons.

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