Aggressive young men barging into random houses and threatening the occupants for social media ‘likes’

Oh the joys of leftist multiculturalism and its subjective morality; I typed “why is multiculturalism important” into a leading search engine and this is what populated:

Multiculturalism has many benefits. The main one is that it encourages open-mindedness amongst different groups of people and it dispels negative stereotypes.

Not only does cultural diversity promote peace, but it also makes our society a more interesting place to live [emphasis added].

Could have fooled me!

“Mizzy” is an online “content creator” with several popular platforms; his TikTok videos alone appear to have nearly 20 billion views. The sum of Mizzy seems to be an unoriginal punk: he’s recorded himself “surfing” atop a moving bus and riding a bicycle into the kitchen of a fast food restaurant.

However it is his latest stunt, which features the negative “influence-r” and several others combatively entering the residence of an at-home family, which gives cause for great concern. Check out the video below:

Only in a world perverted by social media can tens of thousands of people “like” such unbecoming and frightening behavior; only in a world where inalienable rights have been so devalued and debased, is the violation of life and the pursuit of property a joke instead of a tragedy; only in a society under the spell of leftism can such acts be tolerated and encouraged.

In 1934, Oxford University Press published a book by a preeminent anthropologist named J. D. Unwin. The book, titled Sex and Culture, was more than 600 pages in length and detailed only a “summary” of Unwin’s observations; after studying 86 societies and civilizations, he surmised that the more rigid the sexual constraints outside of traditional marriage, the more the society or civilizations “flourished”.

Although Unwin’s studies focused on one specific aspect of moral decay, his work noted an astute and articulate phenomenon: cultures have a tendency to believe they are somehow immune to the horrors and trends consistently seen throughout history. Unwin describes this as “pardonable egocentricity” and a “quaint and comfortable doctrine” that defies fact and reality.

Unlike an average leftist, I believe there’s a case to be made that certain cultures are in fact better than others. Bacha bazi? Unwin’s research?

Western civilization, arguably the greatest of all time, is on the verge of collapse, despite many Americans apparently thinking they live in a vacuum. One historian postulated that all empires roughly followed a similar life cycle, which included seven different stages:

1. The age of outburst (or pioneers).

2. The age of conquests.

3. The age of commerce.

4. The age of affluence.

5. The age of intellect.

6. The age of decadence.

7. The age of decline and collapse.

Well obviously, it goes without saying, we are far past the age of intellect; the examples here would be too numerous to even begin listing. If the above outline is true, we find ourselves uncomfortably positioned somewhere between the sixth and seventh steps — a sardonic round of applause for the “bread and circus” modern leftists bringing down all of humanity.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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