Afghan on terror watchlist crosses into the US illegally through Joe Biden's open borders

With Joe Biden's catch-and-release policies incentivizing millions of migrants to cross illegally, take a look at who's gotten in this past week.

According to Fox News:

Border Patrol agents arrested an Afghan national on the FBI's terror watchlist after he crossed into the U.S. illegally Wednesday in California, multiple sources at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told Fox News.

The Afghan national crossed the border with a group of migrants near Otay Mesa, California, the sources said. Border Patrol agents took the migrants to a processing station, where a fingerprint scan determined the Afghan was a match on the Terrorist Screening Database. The FBI was then notified, confirmed the results, and began an investigation.

Lucky us.  As if we don't have enough problems coming from run-of-the-mill illegal border-crossers, now we've got him.

Sure, they caught him, and one hopes he won't be allowed to apply for "asylum" the way the majority of them are, released into the interior of the country to await their court dates several years down the road.

But how did he get this far?  Who traveled with him, and how many of them were there?  How many more have been let in undetected as "asylum seekers"?  How many more have gotten in as "getaways"?  How many more are being let in who somehow didn't get placed on the watchlist and should have been?

These are the ugly implications of this one collar of this creep who has no love for America.

He may even have even been up to something nefarious.  San Diego, after all, where this character crossed, is the spot where the 9/11 hijackers planned their dastardly actions, in a little apartment in the Clairemont area near a mosque and a Middle Eastern grocery.  Could there still be active networks?  It may not have been just a perception that San Diego was slack in letting all comers in.  It could be that this character was looking for convenience or had a meeting to get to.

It does let us know that the global terrorist community has noticed those open borders as an open opportunity for their terrorist stock and trade.

Too bad Joe Biden hasn't.

At Howard University, where he received an honorary degree for his "analytical intellect" around the same time this Afghan terrorist was crossing in, Biden outlined what he claimed is the topic terrorist threat to America: 

President Biden declared on Saturday that white supremacy is "the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland" and warned a predominantly Black audience that "sinister forces" embraced by his predecessor and putative challenger are trying to reverse generations of racial progress in America.

So he says, just as real terrorists are attempting to enter the country.

Image: CBS Evening News video screenshot via YouTube.

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