A hard-left LGBTQ activist lets the cat out of the bag about kids and gay porn

(Warning: Graphic content that Democrats desperately want to put in kids’ classrooms and libraries.)

Sometimes, leftists get in their own way and, when it happens, it’s a beautiful thing. The latest example came from Media Matters’ “LGBTQ program director,” who was trying so hard to defend Chelsea Clinton from being called out as a purveyor of children’s porn, that he committed a perfect self-own, effectively acknowledging that the LGBTQ reading material that Democrats and other leftists are so anxious to keep in schools is, in fact, pornographic.

NOTE: Ari Drennen, the LGBTQ program director featured in this post, claims “she/her” pronouns. However, Drennen, who identifies as “transgender,” is a biological man. (Despite the makeup and fake breasts, the Adam's apple, visible in the photo below, helps give the truth away.) Because I do not feel I owe him the courtesy of politely pretending to go along with his gender dysphoria, I’ll refer to him as a man, at least while it’s still legal to do so.

Image: Ari Drennen. YouTube screen grab.

This story starts with the fact that parents have become aware over the last few years that many of the books in their children’s K-12 schools aren’t just about being accepting of people’s differences but are, in fact, pornographic. Their images and messages, if they involved heterosexual sex, would land the librarians, teachers, and administrators in jail on charges of exposing children to pornographic material. However, they insist that, for LGBTQ people to be fully realized and actualized, only graphic material will do.

And it is very, very graphic. This is a video that Ron DeSantis released when Democrats started shrieking that Florida was “censoring” reading material:

Keep in mind that, because it’s impossible for any school or library to possess the universe of reading material, those responsible for buying books always make choices. In the case of children, the American social compact has long held that we can censor children’s media to protect them from harmful content.

Chelsea Clinton mindlessly tweeted out an NBC News story about nefarious right-wingers censoring children’s LGBTQ books. You’ll note that Gender Queer, one of the more graphic books foisted on kids 11 and up, graces the tweet:

The Babylon Bee’s Seth Dillon promptly called her out, and that’s when Drennen stepped in and annihilated himself:

(Incidentally, if you doubt Drennen’s real sex, his attempt at an insult is uniquely male in tone. I’ve never heard biological women say anything quite like that.)

With that tweet, Drennen proved exactly why you should never bring a plastic knife to a high-level gunfight:

That was bad enough, but the true beauty of the exchange emerged from Drennen’s second attempt at inflicting a massive burn on Dillon:

And that’s where the self-own is: The images come from Gender Queer, which is the book that both Chelsea Clinton and Ari Drennen are arguing must be in schools to ensure that kids are appropriately exposed to LGBTQ concepts:

The other day, I heard Matt Walsh ask an excellent question: Why is it that the only group in America that is discriminated against when told it cannot put graphic and lascivious sexual material in front of kids is the LGBTQ cohort?

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