A day without Tucker

Tucker Carlson's program on the Fox News Channel (FNC) was a very important part of my week. I set my cell phone to alert me that Tucker was about to begin. My husband and I paid close attention to everything Tucker said.

Was this simply a sad case of two geezers idolizing a network star? I don't think so. Tucker's half-whinny giggle sets my teeth on edge, and I disagree with him on all kinds of issues. And yet I watched his program devotedly, not because I'm an uncritical fan, but because, night after night, Tucker demonstrated that—more than anyone else on cable news—he could be counted on to challenge the traitorous gang that's wrecking America.

For those whose lives have been poisoned by agitprop and lies from the Biden crime family, Tucker is an antidote.  More accurately, he was an antidote.  Now that he's off the air, I feel very much on my own, carrying the fight forward as best I can, alone, with an awful awareness that a Fox has been guarding our henhouse.

In short, everything has changed.  I have adapted to this maddening new Tuckerless world in ways that would have been unthinkable just a few days ago.  Fox & Friends used to be my choice for early morning programs.  But new rules now control my cable clickers.

Image: Tucker Carlson.  YouTube screen grab (edited).

First, no FNC.  They don't want Tucker?  Then I don't want them.  Period.

I like Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, and I miss their program.  But when Fox sacked Tucker, it declared war on conservative viewers, and I'm fighting back.  Yes, I know.  Creating an infinitesimal dip in the FNC ratings is a pathetic riposte.  Still, in the wake of their post-Tucker ratings disaster, the Fox lineup seemed panicky and shrill.  Regardless, the bottom line is that an FNC boycott is the only weapon I have.

And so, I turn on Newsmax.  I like the Newsmax viewpoint, even though there's a slightly amateur air about their channel, as if their programs were being produced in a neighbor's garage.  OK, that's a little harsh.

It's just that the FNC signal seems stronger and brighter than Newsmax, with a better-produced look.  And Fox hosts are slicker and showier than their Newsmax competitors, who look and sound younger, more like interns — they're clearly lower on the salary scale.  Nevertheless, Newsmax has a scrappy tone and attitude that I find appealing.

But when it comes to a Tucker counterattack, fine points don't matter.  Bottom line: No Tucker, no FNC.  One of the best things about Newsmax is how it covers the Tucker story every day, in detail.  They're even asking viewers to encourage Tucker to come over to Newsmax.

And yet...I find myself struggling to keep my own firm commitments.  I like Newsmax, but I also like Mornings with Maria, and the following Varney & Company, on the Fox Business Network.  I keep assuring myself that the FBN is not the FNC, but it's a weak excuse.  Where is the courage of my convictions?

At noon, a clear choice.  On with Newsmax, off with FBN's Neil Cavuto, whom I dislike almost as much as FNC's Bret Baier.  Both are Trump-hating RINO retreads.  Why, without Tucker, do I find them even more annoying than usual?  And why, without Tucker, am I finding Trump himself more annoying?  Did I use to rely on Tucker to keep an eye on Trump, and now I'm doing the job myself?

Ultimately, if Trump's enemies can bring down a president and Fox can bring down someone as powerful and persuasive as Tucker Carlson, what chance do the rest of us have?

Fortunately, my cell phone interrupts these useless musings.  Yes, I've done it again.  Back I go to FBN for another guilty pleasure — Larry Kudlow's afternoon program.  I like Larry's plain-spoken, straightforward, and unassuming style.  Kudlow helps me believe there is at least one honest adult left in the world, reassurance I used to get from Tucker Carlson.

When it's time for Tucker's old show, my cell phone makes no sound.  I do not turn on FNC to see who's replaced him.  I don't care.  I'm not watching.  I'm already thinking about bedtime.  Will I be able to get to sleep?  What awaits us tomorrow in betrayed and broken America?  Will we face another day without uncovering the felons who have corrupted our intelligence agencies, the turncoats who have undermined our economy and culture, and the traitors who have opened our borders to a hostile world?

With Tucker on the job, we at least had a chance to find out.  We had a chance to save our country.

Hallie Smith, a pseudonym, is a freelance writer who lives in New York.

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