A criminal case out of Ohio shows how far down the crazy road America has gone

Sometimes, a news story comes along that perfectly encapsulates a moment in time. In the case of Darren “Rachel” Glines, that encapsulation doesn’t exist solely in the story of the “not guilty” verdict in the indecent exposure case against Glines. Instead, the insanity is also evident in how the Daily Mail has written up the entire case.

Here, in all their dystopian, delusional glory, are the opening few paragraphs from the Daily Mail:

A judge ruled that a transgender woman could not have indecently exposed her penis in a YMCA female changing room after agreeing with her claim that she’s too fat for it to be visible.

Darren Glines, who now goes by Rachel, was found not guilty of three counts of indecent exposure at the facility in Xenia, Ohio.

Judge David McNamee cleared Glines after agreeing that the size of her belly meant it would be impossible for anyone to see her penis. 

Glines, 31, has had several complaints made against her dating back to 2021 – with at least three people complaining that they saw a ‘naked male in the female locker room.’

One of the complaints stated that there were three juveniles present during the incident, with a woman going to the front desk to report the issue.

But she was reassured by a worker that it was ‘actually a woman’ and that she ‘shouldn’t have been disturbed’ but the incident.

Judge David McNamee said that there was ‘little dispute as to the facts of the case’ as Glines was authorized by the Executive Director of the YMC to use the women's locker room.

Let me restate the facts in normal-speak. Darren Glines is a morbidly obese man who claims that he is, in fact, a woman. Despite making this claim, Glines has declined to chop off his penis and testicles to create a weird simulacrum of the feminine body. When you consider the suffering of Jazz Jennings, a boy whose parents tried to turn him into a girl, Glines’s reluctance to have the surgery actually makes sense—although it’s likely that he has other reasons for retaining his penis:

It’s unclear whether Glines has had a boob job or if he simply has the moobs (man-boobs) that often accompany obesity.

Image from Glines’s now-deleted YouTube channel.

In any event, for several years, Glines has frequented the women’s locker room at his local YMCA, where he likes to strip down to the altogether. There’s no evidence one way or another that he exercises when at the Y. Given his physical habitus, that seems doubtful.

Women have often complained about Glines’s presence in the locker room, including a woman who explained to the front desk that there were three young girls in the room when Glines stripped. In keeping with life in the third decade of the 21st century, the employee at the Y insisted that Glines is “actually a woman,” so it was fine for him to be naked around women and girls.

Eventually, a prosecutor with cojones (by which I mean courage, an attribute applicable to both ballsy men and women) charged Glines with indecent exposure. However, the judge concluded—apparently without having personally seen Glines naked—that Glines was too fat for his penis to be visible to the women. The fact that Glines seemingly revels in being naked around women and children was irrelevant to the judge’s ruling.

Oh, and there’s a little detail I missed when it comes to Glines’s relationship to women: A female YMCA employee testified that he assaulted her by grabbing her crotch, requiring her to get a restraining order. That indicates that Glines doesn’t just “identify” as a woman; apparently, he’s also a lesbian.

The story is grotesque and disgusting. And honestly, what’s just as bad is that the Daily Mail pretends that this fat, crotch-grabbing man is a female. There is no rational, moral universe in which the phrase “exposed her penis” should ever exist. Glines is not a woman, his name is not Rachel, and he should not be cavorting naked around women and children when it’s apparent, from his goosing the female employee, that he is sexually attracted to women.

The real problem, of course, isn’t that this respect for fake women and men extends to all sorts of media. For example, a local news story from Ohio also pretends as if Glines is a female entitled to “she” and “her” pronouns:

We are teetering so far on the edge of cultural madness that I often fear we will never pull back. Then, I think of the Bud Light boycott, one driven by grassroots revulsion and fed-up-ness, not by corporations and NGOs, and I have hope.

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