Will you be surprised to learn that the Kentucky shooter was probably a leftist?

You already know about the terrible event in Louisville, Kentucky, which saw a disgruntled former bank employee open fire at a meeting, killing several people and wounding several more. Invariably, after a shooting, leftists blame the GOP because it supports the right to armed self-defense. In Sturgeon’s case, though, it seems that, once again, this mass murder was probably carried out by a leftist.

As far as the Biden administration is concerned, if there’s a shooting, it’s the GOP’s fault because the GOP, along with the majority of Americans, still believes in the Second Amendment:

The Democrats’ reflexive desire to blame guns may be because it’s the Democrats (especially people in Democrat-run cities) who are doing the shooting. There’s even a meme for it.

Meme; unknown creator.

In the case of the Louisville shooting, Twitchy put together a collection of tweets that purport to show Connor Sturgeon’s social media accounts. We don’t yet have proof that they were his accounts, but the fact that they were apparently being erased in real time indicates that they probably belonged to him. And how many Connor Sturgeons are there who worked for Old National Bank in the Louisville Metropolitan Area? It’s not that common a name.

One of the signs that Sturgeon was a leftist is that his LinkedIn account identifies his pronouns. Someone in a comment to the following tweet suggested that the pronoun info was a default, but I can assure you that no conservative would ever allow that kind of default to stand:

Someone else found a Reddit account that, more likely than not, belonged to the shooter. There, he put up pro-lockdown and anti-Trump memes:

There is also a Connor Sturgeon identified as a Democrat in Jefferson County, Kentucky:

If those social media posts belong to the shooter, it’s pretty clear he was a leftist. While leftists may hate guns at a political level, there’s no doubt that they are willing to use them for mass murder.

And that brings me to something else about white leftists: They are more likely to be mentally ill which, presumably, means they’re more likely to be on psychotropic antidepressants. They’re also almost twice as likely as Republicans to smoke pot. Antidepressants are associated with things such as hostility and suicidal ideation (and Sturgeon texted a friend that he was suicidal before going on his spree). Meanwhile, pot is associated with psychotic violence.

Connor Sturgeon, therefore, may prove to be the poster boy of gun violence in America: An unhappy leftist young man who (if my currently unsupported guess is correct) was medicated with antidepressants and self-medicating with pot.

Image: Connor Sturgeon LinkedIn profile

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