Why would a beer company pick Dylan Mulvaney to endorse its product?

It's pretty clear that Bud Light has set off a firestorm by using Dylan Mulvaney, a man who pretends to be a woman, to promote its product.

Gareth Boyd, the marketing & PR director at Forte Analytica, says Bud Light lit its brand on fire and has lost touch with its core audience with the ad campaign.

"I really cannot understand their approach for this because their core audience just cannot relate," Boyd said. (snip)

"Kid Rock is the poster boy for Bud Light, and for someone like him to come out and shoot cans it tells you a lot about the reaction from their core base customers.

"People pouring beer down their sink, it says quite a bit about how out of touch they have been with this campaign."

I am not 100% sure who drinks Bud Light, but I expect that people wanting to lose weight and women are some of their target consumers.  It's possible that the marketers thought that these groups would find Mulvaney amusing.  If so, they missed the fact that having "Bud" in the name implicates Budweiser and their other brands.   

As a matter of fact, Annheuser-Busch, Bud's parent company, was sold to a multinational conglomerate based in Belgium, InBev, 15 years ago.  If you enter an adult birth date here, you can see their many, many brands of beer, including Stella Artois, Modelo, Beck's, and Lowenbrau.

People angry at the aggressive trans movement, now becoming increasingly violent, can easily publicize these brands and boycott them all.

But Matt Walsh has laid out an explanation in this hour-long video that posits what amounts to extortion being at the root of InBev's move.  InBev may be choosing the lesser harm of a consumer boycott in order to avoid the greater harm of being labeled "transphobic" by groups such as the Human Rights Campaign, which then would lead to poor ESG ratings and, because of that, diminished access to capital from massive fund managers like BlackRock.  Dan Bongino offered a similar explanation on his syndicated radio program Wednesday.

It's a plausible explanation, especially when you consider that in addition to capital access, a negative campaign from homophile interest groups like HRW could lead to effective boycotts from gay and lesbian bars, which sell a lot of beer.  (This ignores the growing tension between lesbians and gays on the one hand and transsexuals on the other.)

The trans movement seemingly came out of nowhere and has replaced Antifa and BLM as the shock troops of violent demonstrators attacking and silencing mainstream Americans.  This has to be a movement that is top-down in some respects., since it has gained such acceptance and endorsement from major corporations and NGOs.

Photo credit: screen grab via Slaynews.

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