Whoopi Goldberg mocks conservatives whose homes were destroyed in recent tornados

Looks like Whoopi Goldberg farted again.

This time with her mouth.

In a typically low-information discussion on her television talk show, The View, Goldberg mocked Americans who had lost their homes and possessions in the recent tornados hitting Mississippi and Tennessee, as finally getting religion — her religion, that is — on global warming.

According to the Daily Wire, Goldberg said:

"I've noticed in the last, I don't know, seven months, there hasn't been much denying of climate change going on," she smirked. "You haven't heard them — it used to be, 'I don't believe it, it's never happened, it's never happened —' and now they are like, 'Yeah, I think my house just got blown down … for the fourth or fifth time.'"

"Because another … you know, there's been so much evidence saying something is wrong," she concluded.

This is one of the most obnoxious things ever said about victims of a major storm disaster.  Was she talking about raising money for them?  Did she have the normal human response to them, which is to express compassion?  Did she even know who they were?  She seems to have branded the red-state denizens recalcitrant Republicans who don't believe in global warming nonsense and now are changing their minds because of multiple tornado strikes, which, of course, there is no evidence anywhere to support.

Her remarks don't even describe what's happening.  Mississippi and Tennessee have experienced the destruction of tornadoes long before Whoopi Goldberg and will continue to experience them long after, as that's the nature of their landscape, which, combined with hot and cold air currents, has always created the fearsome storms.  For Whoopi to claim that there are more of the tornados (there aren't) because of global warming, or that people are suddenly changing their minds on global warming, comes off as abject nonsense with no basis in fact.

What's more, it's divisive, blaming victims for their own misfortune just because they are conservative.  When leftists talk about divisiveness, Goldberg's statement is Exhibit A.

It's pretty obvious she has no idea who these people are.  In every red or blue state, there is always a sizable minority that isn't.  To claim that homeowners in Mississippi and Tennessee who fell victim to the tornadoes were all conservative is utter nonsense.  Out here in California, we are sensitive to that, because we are Reagan County voters, and our votes have been drowned out by those of leftists, but as individuals, we know what we think.

It's the same in the tornado states, so to assume that conservatives are the only people out there and all of them whose houses got hit were conservative is just stupidity.

Goldberg herself has been accused of constantly farting.  Recently, her show put coasters onto the format's table to prevent coffee cups from dragging across it contributing to that perception.

Actually, it's glib, drivelly, malevolent statements like these that drive that audience perception.  Own it, Whoopi.

Image: Screen shot from Idolx News video via YouTube.

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