Wednesday Schadenfreude: The View puts out table coasters to counter the audience perception that they can't stop farting

Need a little schadenfreude from this wretched Wednesday morning's news?

Leave it to the hags of The View to accommodate.

According to The Decider:

The View has welcomed a new addition to their news desk: coasters. The long-running ABC talk show has added coasters under mugs for each of the co-hosts to avoid fart noises from clouding the broadcasts. 

An Entertainment Weekly source claimed that the source of the suspicious sounds has been traced back to the mugs scrapping the glass desk. The same insider added that the show's director was curious to see how the coasters would appear on screen.

EW reports that the coasters became permanent fixtures on Mar. 24.

Last week, the change was noted by a viewer who tweeted a picture of the branded table.

"Cupwatch: Sara's got her cups back, and now everyone has coasters because Whoopi's evidently tired everyone assuming she's flatulent," they wrote. 

Well, well, well...

Guess this was a problem for them — Whoopi and the others, who, based on the rest of their show's image, otherwise suggests that they are people who like farting out loud on national television.

After all, Whoopi has actually done it.

More seriously, though, why would farting be the first thing The View's most devoted listeners think of every time one of them drags a cup across the table?

Sure, it could be the orientation of the audience they're courting.  Perhaps it's the other television they watch that informs their inclinations:  Honey Boo Boo's mom, after all, used to let 'em rip quite successfully on reality TV.

But more likely, it's the low quality of the show's discourse.  Might it be the let-it-all-hang-out ethos promoted on The View — not just by Whoopi, but by Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and the rest of that cackling coven of haters — makes the audience think of flatulence?  Might it be the trash talk, the bottom-of-the-barrel, fact-free speculations on politics?  The View is all about smearing Republicans, spewing Holocaust denial, abusing the one Republican they usually have, and defending the indefensible on the left side.  It's the most intellectually bereft show on television, seemingly designed to create low-information voters. 

People who can shout their abortions shouldn't have any complaints about the public associating them with flatulence.

In fact, if they had any self-awareness, they should embrace it.

As Ben Franklin used to say: Fart Proudly.

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