Venezuela's Maduro getting ideas from Alvin Bragg?

New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg's unprecedented charges against former President Trump shocked the U.S. But it also may have sent a few shock waves abroad:

According to Carlos Vecchio, a former ambassador appointed by once-acting Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó, his ex-boss is now under grave threat of arrest:



Google Translate:

#ALERTA | Juan Guaidó faces a high risk of detention by the Maduro regime. Sources within the regime say that Maduro is willing to move against @jguaido taking advantage of the internal war between the regime's mafias. They do not forgive his leadership. Guaidó has remained firm in #Venezuela against the Maduro regime, touring the country, listening and bringing hope to Venezuelans, despite the persecution and permanent threat of the dictatorship for his democratic leadership. We urge the international community and global lovers of democracy to remain vigilant in the face of these serious threats against the integrity of @jguaido and other leaders of the democratic alternative. All this threatens the search for a solution to the Venezuelan conflict.

Guaidó is the biggest opposition leader in Venezuela. Guaidó, recall, was democratic Venezuelan leader that the opposition legislature appointed as acting president in 2019, based on the evidence of flaming electoral fraud in Venezuela's presidential election of 2018. President Trump and the European Union acted swiftly to recognize him, and he was able to govern on some matters on Venezuela's government activities abroad. Venezuela's current usurper president, Nicolas Maduro, who benefited from the fraud, ignored the legislative action, appointed his own legislative overlord body, and went right on mis-governing the country until Joe Biden came along, hat in hand, and effectively switched diplomatic recognition back to Maduro in order to get him to pump oil for the U.S., undercutting Guaidó. In late 2022, the Venezuelan legislature just shut the whole thing down. A very good short backgrounder can be read at MercoPress here.

As of the end of that move towards democracy, Venezuela has fallen into hellhole status, emptying its jails, sending its migrants to the states to enter illegally as asylum seekers, engaging in assorted infighting between ruling gangs, and resuming state-sponsored narcotrafficking activities, becoming a cocaine supplier as well as transit country from neighboring Colombia. Joe Biden continues to cozy up to the regime.

Guaidó is the last remnant of democracy, except that unlike in recent years, when, for example, President Trump was in office, Maduro dared not move to arrest the man. 

Somehow that's changed. Guaidó is far less powerful now than he was three years ago as legislatively-appointed acting president, is powerless on the sidelines. He's been abandoned by his friends, and abandoned by the democracies of the West in favor of Maduro. 

Maduro who's in office by fraud, is perfectly happy to be dealing with Joe Biden who's also in office by fraud.

Maduro's also not oblivious to events in the states. You can bet he's seen how Joe Biden and his ally Alvin Bragg has dealt with Biden's opposition rival (read: President Trump), seeing how he's gotten away with actually arresting the man on ginned-up charges, and adjusted his calculations accordingly. If Biden can arrest his opposition rival on phony charges, what's to stop him from doing the same to his opposition leader? Why let Biden be the badass in the dictator-American community while he plays nice with Guaidó. He no longer has anything to fear.

That's my strong suspicion. Why would Maduro have left Guaidó alone back when he was a real threat to his regime and President Trump was in office, deterring him from doing it? Why is he raring up, according to the source cited, to arrest him now? Biden's ally Bragg not only arrested Trump, Biden himself was involved heavily in the classified documents raid on the Trump residence last August.  It seems to defy belief that Maduro wouldn't have been influenced by the ugly turn of events in the states. If so, it goes to show that the Biden effect is a very ugly one on international democracy movements as Biden undercuts democracy again and again in the U.S. You did that, Joe.

Image: Screen shot from Twitter video

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