Two children trapped in NYC apartment die in fire thanks to another exploding e-bike

The National Fire Protection Association is a globally-recognized nonprofit, and an authoritative source on fire prevention — the organization is often tapped by legislative bodies and administrative states for rules and regulations recommendations. Speaking to the danger of e-bikes, the NFPA writes the following:

Most e-bikes and e-scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries. This is the same type of battery that powers many of today’s electric vehicles, cell phones, laptops, and power tools. When lithium-ion batteries are damaged, they can overheat, catch on fire, and even lead to explosions. When fires occur, they also tend to burn very hot and can be difficult for firefighters to extinguish.

While there are no national or international statistics on how often e-bikes or e-scooters catch on fire, it does happen with some regularity—and the numbers are rising.

As expected, “rising” numbers equate to real human sacrifice. Whether the “green initiatives” support Biden’s pursuit of greenism or the World Economic Forum’s “sustainable solutions” like 15-minute cities, the left’s demands for the temple of climate alarmism afflicts us all — and there’s yet another tragic case to prove it.

On Monday, two Queens children perished in a fire caused by the lithium battery of an e-bike. According to John Hodgens, the chief of New York City’s fire department, and relayed via Yahoo News:

We got here very quickly – and if this was not an e-bike fire, most likely we would’ve been able to put this fire out without incident. But the way these fires occur, it’s like an explosion of fire.

An Associated Press news blip from about a month and a half ago notes:

Lithium ion batteries used to power electric bicycles and scooters have already sparked 22 fires that caused 36 injuries and two deaths in New York City this year, four times the number of fires linked to the batteries by this time last year, officials said Friday.

The same article includes a comment from Laura Kavanagh, the Fire Commissioner serving under Mayor Eric Adams; Kavanagh notes that e-bikes are “incredibly dangerous devices” largely due to their incredibly fickle mechanisms which often result in instances of spontaneous combustion. You don’t say?

But there is where it gets rather strange (or perhaps not)....

The fire erupted in the Astoria neighborhood of the Queens borough, which is precisely the same neighborhood as a planned (or under construction?) 15-minute city. What’re the odds, right?

From a December report on the development:

The NYC Council recently approved architecture firm ODA’s masterplan for a ‘15-minute city’ called Innovation QNS in Queens’ Astoria neighborhood, dezeen reports.

Construction is set to start in 2023.

What does the “15-minute” tagline really mean? After all, a “15-minute city” looks eerily reminiscent of a Club Fed mockup. Could it mean fifteen minutes of daily yard time? The renderings also remind me of Neo Seoul in Cloud Atlas — maybe fifteen minutes between scheduled executions? (As time goes on, reality seems to echo dystopian fiction more and more obviously.)

The most pronounced hallmark of communist governments and movements is and has always been the impoverished conditions and the excessively high death toll among the people, and “green” communism doesn’t stand to be any different.

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