The new face of Budweiser: A grown man who looks remarkably like the girls Biden adores

We never had Budweiser beer in my house when I was growing up.  My German father called it Räuber Peepee, and that was not a compliment.  At least in those days, though, Bud knew who its market was: ordinary Americans who wanted a reliable light lager.  Now, though, Bud has gone to the woke dark side.  With its Dylan Mulvaney ad campaign, its newest market seems to be Joe Biden: a man whose fantasy, as played out in public, is accessible little girls.

Mulvaney, for those who don't know, is that marginally talented 26-year-old Broadway performer who carved out a niche for himself by putting up daily videos showing his journey of "girlhood."  Every day, he'd do a "girl" thing, which was usually something that stereotypes women circa 1950, or maybe 1850.  For any real girl or woman, Mulvaney's shtick is offensive.

For leftists, though, Mulvaney is the eighth wonder of the world.  Thanks to enormous amounts of plastic surgery and makeup, if he holds perfectly still and says nothing, he does look like a woman.  For leftists, he "proves" that transgenderism is real.

Image: Dylan Mulvaney marketing Budweiser.  Twitter screen grab.

Also, if you're a pedophile, his emaciated, undeveloped body (no boobs, no hips, because he's a boy) is the dream come true.  It's so easy to envision Joe Biden grabbing Mulvaney at a campaign event, and then gently groping his body and whispering in his ear that he shouldn't date anyone until he's thirty.

Actually, that bit about dating is where the fantasy comes crashing into reality.  As Mulvaney tearfully revealed, although he's a celebrity bringing in millions in endorsements, he's lonely.  And no wonder.  He's a freak, and most people don't want to get sucked into the vortex of someone who has deviated so dramatically from normalcy.  Even those who buy into Mulvaney's so-called "transgender" shtick understand that everything he does, and everyone he meets, is just grist for his self-publicity.  That, too, will lead to loneliness.

But at least Mulvaney can cry all the way to the bank.  His most recent money-making activity is to be the new face of Budweiser beer.  This is what happens when your entire management team, especially your creative division, is taken over by people who graduated from college within the last 20 years.  These people worship at the altar of wokeness and will do anything to appear au courant when it comes to their faith.

Here is Mulvaney in what I think of as the Biden fantasy video, along with a trenchant comment from Gays Against Groomers' Jaimee Michell:

Be honest: will you ever be able to drink a Bud again without seeing Biden's fantasy frolicking in the bathtub against a backdrop of Bud beer cans?  No, I didn't think so.  Michell was not the only person revolted by corporate America's latest pander to the left:

It will be a measure of our ability to survive as a country whether we successfully reject, rather than acquiesce to, this obscene assault on American values and, even if it's just Budweiser, her traditions, too.

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