The increasingly dangerous transgender movement sweeping America

On his Friday night show, Tucker Carlson called “transgender” activists the most dangerous domestic terrorists in America. He’s correct. They are the equivalent of religious fanatics because they have a manic faith that is belied by observable reality, which means that they constantly have to pitch themselves to a high emotional amplitude to override the real world impinging on their faith. The Democrats, from Biden on down, rather than working to tamp down this madness, are doing their best to amplify this insane frequency, by assuring these already maddened people that they are the victims of a planned Republican “genocide.” The escalating number of violent attacks by this mentally-ill multitude is increasing and will continue to do so.

This post compiles some of the evidence into three categories (Exhibits A, B, and C). Exhibit D is a bonus statement from Matt Walsh that I wish every so-called transgender person could hear and internalize.

Exhibit A: I’ve embedded Tucker Carlson’s superb monologue about what is happening in the transgender movement, including his segment about what happened to Riley Gaines.

As you listen, please remember that, as I’ve been pointing out for years, there is no science to support the claim that people are “born in the wrong body.” If the only thing that can align the brain to the body is to receive hugely expensive toxic drugs and mutilating surgeries, the problem isn’t with the body, it’s with the system.

Indeed, if you pay attention to the people pushing “transgenderism,” what they’re simply doing is taking 1950s-era stereotypes (girls like pink, boys like blue, girls play with dolls, boys play with sticks) and saying that, if you don’t match that tired stereotype, you’re transgender. This is pure evil on the part of the leftist activists behind this movement.

As bonus content for Exhibit A, here’s a video of the attack on Billboard Chris, up in Canada. Note his complete passivity because the Canadian police refused to arrest his attacker, claiming Chris “instigated” the attack—the instigation in his case being that he says children cannot consent to castrating chemicals and surgical mutilation:

Exhibit B: These two Twitter threads discuss what so-called “transgender” activists are doing and why they’re doing it. First, from Ian Haworth, what they’re doing (language warning):

Second, Auron MacIntyre spells out the end game, which is to get a response to justify the belief indoctrinated into so-called “transgender” people that they are victims of a “genocide.” They are planning the next George Floyd moment:

Exhibit C: The Democrat party is working hard to further the transgender movement. The latest evidence is that the Biden administration wants to update Title IX to prevent schools from banning men from competing in women’s sports. There’s actually a bit of irony here, because Title IX, as interpreted, has long been unfair…to men. As enacted, it was intended to ensure that schools didn’t say “no” to women’s sports. As interpreted, it’s been used to say that schools must spend precisely the same dollar amount on women’s sports as on men’s.

The problem is that, at college, men have traditionally been more interested in sports than women. That has meant cutting men’s sports expenditures to maintain parity. Apparently, Biden wants the men to get their revenge.

Speaking through Karine Jean-Pierre, immediately after the Nashville massacre by a mentally-ill woman who thought she was a man, Biden said “transgender” people are under attack:

Moreover, she assures the transgender community, that it has White House protection:

Exhibit D: Matt Walsh spoke directly to so-called transgender people and, honestly, they would be so much happier if they took to heart what he’s saying, rather than what the left is selling:

In closing, while it’s a lie that transgender people have always been with us (we’ve always had people who pretended to be the opposite sex, never people who were “born in the wrong body”), it is true that there will always be a small segment of people in any population who deviate from the heterosexual norm (hence the word “deviants.”) Here’s a rule of thumb:

  • In totalitarian societies, they are cruelly persecuted.
  • In free societies, they have full civil rights and are not subject to persecution, but they remain on society’s margins.
  • In dying societies, they occupy society’s center and dictate “norms.”

Image: Transgender activist. YouTube screen grab.

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