The Catholic holding a rosary will be the abortion candidate

It sort of began yesterday with the video.  It will continue with President Biden repeating two words:  Trump and abortion.  Yes, the entire reelection will be based on scaring voters about the Orange Man and that the GOP wants to ban abortion.  Beyond that, what is he going to talk about?

This is from Phillip Wegmann:   

Within the first five seconds of officially announcing his run for reelection, President Biden made clear that abortion would be a cornerstone of his campaign.

The second still image from his launch video showed a protestor standing outside the Supreme Court. An encapsulation of Democratic orthodoxy, her sign read, “abortion is healthcare.” The Biden campaign believes that by uniting around that message, and attacking the GOP as extremists on abortion, they can keep a Republican out of the White House in 2024 just like they held off a predicted “red wave” in 2022.

Yes, the moderate will take communion at Sunday's mass and then call any restriction on abortion another example of the MAGAs denying women health-care options.

Biden is hoping that the GOP  can not get its act together on abortion.  In other words, the Democrats want to run against 1849 abortion bans as happened in Wisconsin.  So the pressure is on Republicans majority legislatures, such as Wisconsin, to come up with 2023 abortion laws that create exceptions for rape or incest but deny abortion after 12 or 15 weeks.  In other words, force Democrats to explain their votes for late-terms abortions.

In the meantime, the moderate, the Catholic with the rosary, will do nothing but talk about abortion.  It's up to the GOP to get ready and fight back because the moderate will call you a scary MAGA type if you support the slightest restrictions on abortions.  The moderate, who once voted to Let States Overturn Roe v. Wade, is now in the pocket of the Left and will read whatever they write on the teleprompter.

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Image: Shawn Thew, EPA, NTB

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