So Meghan Markle wrote to King Charles, telling him all about his racism and 'unconscious bias'?

How'd you like to get a letter from a newly married-in family member, telling you all about your 'racism' and 'unconscious bias'?

It's disgusting, not only to hear it from a not-so-black person who claims to be an expert on blackness, but because such racism probably doesn't exist, and worst of all, amounts to a sort of mind-reading about intentions that the person on the receiving end knows nothing about, so good luck defending himself. Given that the royal family allowed Markle, a commoner no less, into the royal family circle, and handed her a fancy 'duchess' title, it doesn't sound like a lot of racism to normal people. 

But such is wokester power politics, and in this case, the Designated Racist up for cancellation was King Charles.

That's what he's had to put up with as the idiot melodrama about whether or not wayward son Harry and his wokester wife, actress Meghan Markle, will be coming to the event.

According to the Daily Mail:

The Duchess of Sussex has said the suggestion that she is missing the coronation because of a letter she sent to King Charles over racism and 'unconscious bias' inside the Royal Family is 'frankly ridiculous'.

On Friday, it was reported that Meghan Markle wrote to King Charles after her bombshell Oprah interview, and she reportedly named the individual accused of speculating about her unborn son Archie's skin colour.

It is understood that it was sent in reply to a letter from the King - the only senior member of the family to make contact with the Duchess after Meghan and Harry were interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in March 2021.

A source told the Daily Telegraph that the Duchess will not attend the Coronation on May 6 because she received a unsatisfactory response from the King.

Oh, who the heck cares why she's not coming, and does anyone believe her anyway when she claims the offensive letter she wrote, coming on the heels of her tell-all Oprah revelations about the supposed racism of the royal family, has nothing to do with why she's not coming? She's always been all about public relations, howling about wanting her 'privacy' yet doing everything she can to whip up publicity.

Her letter must have given great offense, given that the man on the receiving end is an actual king. You know what they say about striking the king...

While futzing continues about why she's not coming to the coronation, I'm still amazed at the reported contents of that letter, which was revealed Friday.

What nerve and chutzpah to send such a thing -- to anyone, actually -- after the unbelievable violation of basic family etiquette in her revealing private royal family conversations to the public for publicity and big dollars. Nobody decent does that, even if their families are peasants.

No wonder Prince Harry, who's going to this thing, and who will probably be booed for abandoning his royal duties and taking up with a presumptuous, publicity-seeking wokester, only got a small bit of conversational time on the royal schedule from King Charles at the upcoming festivities.

The Mail cited The Sun:

The Sun also reported on Friday that despite the Duke having made repeated attempts to contact the King to discuss the plans during his time back in London, his father has only been able to pencil in time for one conversation.

It is understood that Harry was 'missing aspects of British life' and 'may start spending more time' in the UK.

A source told the publication: 'Harry was desperate to come back for the Coronation and spend quality time with his family.'

Meghan would probably be booed even more and that wouldn't be good for Netflix sales, would it?

Both Harry and Meghan sound like those weak, disagreeable characters one can find in the novels of U.K. authors such as Evelyn Waugh, who was a master at satire, or perhaps John Le Carre. These characters thrash about, perpetually frustrated, bewildered and enraged, because they fundamentally do not understand who they are or what they want. Le Carre's character "Charlie" springs to mind, but there are plenty of others.

In any case, it keeps the royal rumor mills churning and the tabloids -- as well as publicity-seeking Meghan -- employed. It's a good thing Charles wanted as little as possible to do with this pair. Chuck may be a little loopy, but he has his limits. Already his judgment as king looks pretty sound.

Image: Mark Jones, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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