Joe Biden did indeed leave classified documents lying around for anyone at the Penn-Biden Center to read

While the press is focusing on President Trump, a disturbing piece of testimony has been delivered to the House Oversight Committee on just how carefully Joe Biden safeguarded U.S. classified documents in his possession.

According to Breitbart News:

Classified documents were transported from then-Vice President Joe Biden's safekeeping to the Penn Biden Center, where they were kept in an unlocked closet and remained accessible to center employees and potentially others, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) revealed Tuesday after an interview with Biden's former assistant, Kathy Chung.

Chung, who current Biden administration officials appear to blame for the mishandling of Biden's classified documents, told Comer that Biden's classified documents remained unsecured at the Penn Biden Center for years and remained accessible to her until May 2022.

"This story does not begin in November 2022, as represented by President Biden's attorney," Comer said in a statement. "[T]hen-White House Counsel Dana Remus tasked Kathy Chung with retrieving these boxes from the Penn Biden Center as early as May 2022."

Public records reported by the New York Post suggest that Chinese Communist Party-linked individuals or entities donated at least $54 million between 2014 and 2019 to the Penn Biden Center.

Obviously, anyone could get his hands on these documents who wanted them, and if Joe Biden was "saving" them, from among all the classified documents he came into contact with, they might well have been important.

The testimony from Chung, who was Joe Biden's assistant hired at the recommendation of Hunter Biden, suggests that the documents pertained to Ukraine, Iran, and the U.K. 

Why the secrets from these places would have been important to Joe is something of a mystery, but it's pretty obvious he had no business keeping them at a China-funded entity, and apparently there were quite a lot of them — which have been found not just there, but in multiple places.  At the House Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer noted that he was particularly concerned about one classified document that Hunter handed over to Burisma, the Ukrainian energy conglomerate.  Why the heck would this dirty, corrupt foreign entity be entitled to have such documents when ordinary Americans could be jailed just for looking at one?  Why have classified information at all when all it's doing is serving as gravy for Joe Biden's personal enrichment?

It's astonishing how these documents could have been passed around, and no, this doesn't look like the typical pattern seen of ex-presidents having classified documents in their possession for the purpose of writing their memoirs.  Someone in the Biden camp wanted those documents to put to work, to make money.  It's one after another.

It puts the lie to Joe's claim that he had only a few classified documents and they "were not on the street."

These revelations suggest that yes, they were indeed left out on the street, and like illegal drugs, they had a street value of millions.  The Biden family fortune suggests just that.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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