Raising the Alternet

The internet has been a staple of the American diet for many decades, growing geometrically the more information is fed into it.

It has become a behemoth and it is where much of American life is transacted. News, commerce, education, and all other facets of human life are now in some way fed through the internet. We have come to depend on it to such a degree that if a person's YouTube or Twitter account is cancelled through censorship, the victim of the censorship is financially and reputationally harmed, often irreparably. This should not be, especially since the traditional internet censors the living hell out of conservative websites and information.

We need something else. An Alternet, let's call it.

In recent years, an Alternet has sprung up. Companies not dependent upon Google (which owns YouTube) now advertise that they are patriotic, God-loving, Christian or conservative. Some companies banned by Twitter or YouTube are going elsewhere and being successful doing it. Rumble and Truth Social are two Alternet sites anyone can use in place of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Dan Bongino, part owner of Rumble, recommends it because of all the ghosting being done in traditional search engines such as Google. Even the Brave browser and DuckDuckGo are now showing signs of ghosting conservative sites and information.

Bongino also recommends paralleleconomy.com, a place to go instead of the woke PayPal, for example, to avoid the wokeness being exhibited by liberal-owned and woke-addled companies such as Google. We conservatives have alternatives now. We don't have to be censored and locked into the search engines and websites that abhor everything we stand for.

Rod Dreher, who wrote "The Benedict Option," opines that Christians and conservatives stop using woke companies. I agree. Let's strike out into the Alternet to find non-woke alternatives. Form a parallel economy and one's own banks wherever possible. Create your own schools. Build your own stores and houses. Patronize businesses who advertise as Christian, conservative, or patriotic. Such businesses as Patriot Mobile, Henry Repeating Arms and many others can starve the beast that is the wokenet. Get cracking on the Alternet. Create a life line for conservatives who want to do unfettered business and information online.

We can do this.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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