Most of the media, entertainers, educators, and other Democrats only pretend to care about children, the poor, and the middle class

We had huge protests when President Trump was enforcing immigration laws.  AOC showed up and cried at a chain link fence protecting a parking lot.  Kids were shown in cages, from the Obama-Biden years, and Trump was blamed.  But now that Biden refuses to abide by his oath to enforce the nation's laws, there is barely a whimper.

Somehow, we didn't get massive coverage when the N.Y. Times showed that illegals, who are children, are essentially used as slaves.

Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S.

Nope, the media are more concerned that Republicans are trying to make sure that children's genitalia aren't allowed to be destroyed without the permission of parents.

There isn't even much coverage when the Biden administration loses track of children.

Why don't we see the story about how many people, including kids, die at the border?  It is a huge problem, but the leftists don't seem to care.

Biden Administration Official Unable to Give Clear Answer on Whereabouts of 85,000 Migrant Children

Joe Biden certainly doesn't care about the children any more than he cared about the six people killed by a gender-confused person in Nashville.

But it is a huge story if a black teen got shot, but didn't die, when he showed up at an 85-year-old white person's house at 10 P.M.  Then that teen gets invited to the White House to push the race card and gun issue.

If the media and other Democrats actually cared about children, especially the poor and minorities, they would not cater to teachers' unions to keep schools closed during COVID, and they would support vouchers to allow the poor to go to better schools.

Of course, the media and other Democrats did care about the border when they reported widely the false story that border agents whipped Haitians.  They always play the race card, no matter how fake the story is.

Biden and Garland, who say they never comment on ongoing investigations, enthusiastically claimed that the agents were guilty and would be punished.  This story was as true as the Russian collusion story, but no one cared.  They were willing to destroy people's lives with no evidence.  The Justice Department and DHS knew that the story was false within a day yet did an extensive eleven-month investigation.

Maybe the Justice Department, other prosecutors, and other Democrats should concentrate on criminals and actual crimes instead of having endless investigations and witch hunts like this, Russian collusion, Trump's taxes, and a seven-year-old nondisclosure agreement where they search for a crime instead of investigating a crime.

After the eleven-month extensive investigation, they found that agents had used inappropriate language, and one agent even admitted to twirling his reins to keep the illegals at a distance.

Patrol agents on horseback did not whip migrants, but used force and inappropriate language, investigators say

One agent admitted to twirling horse reins as a distancing tactic.

Heaven forbid!  Maybe he belongs in solitary confinement.

I hope no one in the Biden family ever used inappropriate language, instead of just taking massive kickbacks.  Then the Justice Department might take it seriously.

If the media and other Democrats really cared about poor and starving children, clean water, sewage treatment plants, power plants, and helping underdeveloped countries, they would encourage them to develop their natural resources, instead of blocking them and falsely telling them that would destroy the planet.

If rich people like Gates, Bloomberg, Obama, Oprah, and the royal family truly believed what they regurgitate, they would stop flying in private jets and building mansions while telling others they need to give up their freedom and quality of life.

Save the Planet, Invest in Fossil Fuels

"Three billion people in the world still use less electricity than a typical refrigerator," explains Alex Epstein, author of "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels." If they're going to have "their first well-paying jobs ... their first consistent supply of clean water ... a modern life ... that's going to depend on fossil fuels."

If the media truly believed in facts and science, they would ask questions and do research looking for evidence that oil, coal, natural gas, cars, methane, and all the other stuff we are told cause warming actually do so, instead of just repeating what they are told.  They would have as much success as they had looking for Russian collusion or hunting snipe.

Sadly, most of the media clearly care more about power for leftists and campaigning for the radical leftist agenda to destroy and remake America than facts or science or children. 

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