More evidence that Biden will not be allowed to run for re-election in 2024

Now that we live in a political system run by the shadowy figures, we have to look to indirect indicators of what is really going on among our rulers.  The people who decided that since Bernie Sanders would lose to Donald Trump in 2020, they would install dementia-afflicted three-time presidential loser Joe Biden as the Democrats' nominee, and manipulate election law to ensure that he was elected, signal to their media lackeys what their priorities are.  

Much as Kremlinologists used to analyze the power dynamics of the ruling clique by observing who stood next to whom in the reviewing stands for May Day parades, we have to analyze the inner workings of our genuine rulers by watching what their flunkies in the media decide is and what isn't worth publicizing.

There is strong evidence that a decision has been made to ensure Biden does not run in 2024.  Up until now, a vow of omertà (silence) has been the guiding principle for handling news of Hunter Biden's criminality and the implication of his father in the scandals.  The disgraceful dismissal and censorship of news of his laptop is still a vivid memory.  But yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran an exclusive story about an IRS whistleblower who said that their probe is being mishandled.  This is potentially explosive news.

But instead of receiving the Laptop from Hell treatment, the exclusive story was widely picked up by corporate media:


In Hunter Biden tax investigation, IRS agent requests whistleblower protections to talk about "political considerations

Washington Post:

Whistleblower claims administration is mishandling probe of Biden's son


IRS agent seeks whistleblower protections to share allegations of mishandling in Hunter Biden probe


IRS agent wants whistleblower protections to discuss Hunter Biden probe


IRS Whistleblower's Hunter Biden Allegations Add Fuel to James Comer's Fire

Perhaps these stories are aimed at persuading Jill Biden that the price of pressing forward with re-election plans will be high for all members of the family.

Meanwhile, watch for Susan Rice to become more visible as a real power in the White House.

Hat tip: David Kahn.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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