Media's salivation at the thought of a Trump arrest shows (again) how grotesque and off-base it really is

The left-wing media are salivating at the thought that President Trump will be convicted in the latest witch hunt.  On Tuesday, Brian Schwartz for CNBC pretended as though Bragg's political persecution were legitimate.  He writes:

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg unveiled new details Tuesday about the role the National Enquirer's then-publisher played in boosting former President Donald Trump's winning 2016 campaign.

The media caught and killed stories to help...Trump?

The biggest catch-and-kill story to interfere in elections occurred in 2020, when the Justice Department, fifty former intelligence officials, and almost all the media outlets killed the story about the overwhelming Biden family corruption by falsely claiming that the "Laptop from Hell" was Russian disinformation.  It's safe to say that Biden didn't have to pay them to kill the story, as they had all been campaigning for him, seeking to destroy Trump on their own volition.  Joe Biden even lied in a debate that the story was false.

The interference in the election dwarfed anything Russia or China has ever done.

The media caught and killed stories that disagreed with the government edicts on COVID-19.  When Trump and others wanted to investigate the Wuhan lab as the source of the virus, the media falsely labeled that as a disproven conspiracy.

The media still catch and kill stories that expose the radical green agenda, falsely calling the few honest journalists "climate change deniers" to disparage them in the eyes of the public. 

The media catch and kill most stories about the criminal activity and deaths at the border because they are campaigning for Biden and his policies.

The media caught and killed stories about Harvey Weinstein's serial abuse of women.  How do media outlets code payments to women for non-disclosure agreements to silence them?  Should Bragg prosecute them for false bookkeeping entries?  I am sure that would keep him busy.  See below:

In Ronan Farrow's new book, 'Catch and Kill,' the journalist delivers fresh details of NBC News' broken culture, secret payouts and bad behavior by Matt Lauer that, he claims, led to the network's decision to kill his 2017 Harvey Weinstein exposé.

ABC caught and killed a story about pedophile Jeffrey Epstein because the outlet was more concerned with access to the Royal Family than young girls being abused.  From Vox:

ABC News anchor Amy Robach complains to a producer off-air that she had convinced one of Epstein's victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, to speak on the record about her allegations against Epstein and others reportedly involved in Epstein's web of sex trafficking — including former President Bill Clinton, attorney Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew. But, she continues, ABC refused to run the story in order to keep access to the British royal family.

How many women were physically and mentally abused by the Clintons because the media, Hollywood, and other Democrats looked the other way and buried the stories?

The media constantly caught and killed stories, as it supported the Clintons as they quested for power.  From Politico's "Yes, Hillary Was an Enabler":

It wasn't a Clinton enemy that came up with the phrase 'bimbo eruption,' but an ally and friend, Betsey Wright. The word 'bimbo,' by the way, says it all about the contempt Clinton World had for women with the poor judgment to succumb to Bill's wiles.

When the media weren't catching and killing stories that would harm Democrats, they were running fictional ones, like Russian collusion, to destroy Republicans.  Most of the media function as an appendage to the Democrat party as they seek to influence all elections...but Orange Man Bad.

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